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Maine Landowner’s ‘Glamping’ Dream at Sand Pond Faces Community Opposition

A proposed luxury camping, or glamping site at Sand Pond is stirring controversy among local residents. 

Michael Patterson, a landowner on Siddall Road, plans to present his vision for a new campground to town officials in March, aiming to transform 10 of his 113 acres into a retreat featuring 13 cabins and 30 RV lots. 

Despite Patterson’s enthusiasm for his project, which promises spacious lots and enhanced privacy for guests, the initiative has met with significant opposition from the community.

According to a Seacost online report, Patterson’s vision for the campground is to offer an upscale outdoor experience, drawing inspiration from other rural campgrounds in the city like Purposely Lost and Huttopia Southern Maine. 

The proposed site, located near Route 4, would provide full utilities for RV spots and potentially add a swimming pool to cater to guests’ comfort. Patterson emphasizes a desire to maintain a “very woodsy” atmosphere, aligning with the glamping trend that combines luxury with nature.

However, the project’s announcement has sparked a wave of concern among neighbors. Brian Dumont, a local resident, initiated a petition titled “Reject the Proposal to Increase Camping Around Sand Pond,” which has already amassed over 1,000 signatures. Dumont and other opponents fear the campground could disrupt the area’s wildlife ecosystem and diminish the natural sanctuary that Sand Pond has offered to generations.

Patterson, who has lived near Sand Pond for two decades, asserts his commitment to environmental stewardship and community values. 

He plans to implement septic systems 400 feet from the pond and set cabins back 100 feet from the water to minimize ecological impact. Additionally, the introduction of a separate access road and hiking trails aims to reduce traffic congestion and promote outdoor activities without harming the local habitat.

The debate over the campground underscores a broader conversation about the balance between development and conservation in outdoor hospitality. For campground and glamping owners, as well as outdoor hospitality operators, Patterson’s proposal highlights the importance of community engagement and environmental considerations in the planning and expansion of such ventures.

The outcome of Patterson’s proposal may also influence future campground and glamping projects in Maine and beyond, serving as a case study in balancing development with conservation. As the outdoor hospitality industry continues to evolve, the lessons learned from Sand Pond could inform best practices for sustainable growth and community relations in this burgeoning sector.

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Charles Evans
Charles Evans
April 22, 2024 1:32 am

I’m so excited about the educational programs and nature experiences planned for the luxury camping spot at Sand Pond. It’s awesome to see a focus on environment and wildlife conservation!


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