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Steuben County to Implement Rate Hikes at Campground and Park Facilities

Steuben County (Indiana) is poised to see a significant change in its outdoor recreation landscape as the County Commissioners gear up to increase camping rates at the Steuben County Campground on Crooked Lake. 

This move, set to be finalized in the Board of Commissioners’ last meeting of the year on December 27, marks a strategic shift in the county’s approach to managing its outdoor recreational spaces, a report from The Herald Republican noted.

The proposed rate adjustment is not a marginal change. It represents an overall increase of about 15%, a decision that aligns with the county’s efforts to enhance its outdoor facilities. The new rate for a full season of camping at the campground is slated to rise to $3,300, up from the existing $2,800.

This decision comes after Parks Superintendent Scott Schwartz’s initial recommendation for a gradual increase over two years. Schwartz had suggested, “Instead of bringing a big increase this year, let’s go over the next couple of years.” However, this incremental approach did not find favor with the Commissioners.

Commissioner Andy Laughlin, advocating for a more substantial increase, remarked, “I think we’re still low.” He further proposed a differentiated rate structure, offering a discount to Steuben County residents. Laughlin’s suggestion of a $3,300 annual rate for non-residents and a slightly lower $3,000 for residents gained traction, particularly with Wil Howard, president of the Board of Commissioners. Commissioner Ken Shelton was not present for this discussion.

The rationale behind this rate hike is rooted in the need to fund infrastructural improvements. Specifically, the increase is intended to cover the costs of installing a new dock system at the park, an investment totaling approximately $106,000. 

Under the new pricing structure, the camping rate will include one dock space. For those not camping but wishing to rent dock space, the fee will be set at $1,500 a year. This rate is competitive, especially when compared to nearby Lake James. Campers desiring an additional space can avail of a mooring slip for $600.

These rate adjustments are part of a broader strategy to enhance the county’s outdoor recreation facilities, ensuring they remain attractive and well-maintained for both residents and visitors. The increased revenue from these changes is expected to be reinvested into the park, contributing to its ongoing development and upkeep.


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