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NJCOA Explores the Heart of RV Manufacturing in Elkhart, Indiana

In a recent endeavor to understand the intricacies of RV manufacturing, the New Jersey Campground Owners Association (NJCOA) embarked on a tour to Elkhart, Indiana. This city, often dubbed the “RV Capital,” opened its doors to showcase the marvels of RV production.

Elkhart’s significance in the RV world is unparalleled. Home to a myriad of RV manufacturers, the region produces a staggering 80% of the world’s RVs. This statistic alone speaks volumes about Elkhart’s dominance in the industry.

The two-day tour, spanning October 24 and 25, was a deep dive into the world of RV manufacturing. Organized by the RV Industry Association (RVIA), the journey encompassed visits to renowned entities like the Grand Design Factory Service Center, R/MH Hall of Fame, and the RV Technical Institute.

Joann DelVescio, the executive director of NJCOA, expressed her admiration for the manufacturing methods witnessed. “It was very educational,” she remarked, emphasizing the impressive local training institutes and the vast number of RVs produced in the region.

The attendees, comprising New Jersey-based campground operators, echoed DelVescio’s sentiments, according to a press release.

Justin Crane, NJCOA President, highlighted the meticulous processes in place for quality controls. He also lauded the seamless communication across departments, ensuring a smooth transition from design conception to customer delivery.

Another noteworthy stop was the RV/MH Hall of Fame, a testament to Elkhart’s rich RV legacy. This establishment not only celebrates the past achievements of the RV industry but also sets the tone for future innovations.

The Jayco Family of Companies, a major player in the RV domain, is based in Middlebury, part of Elkhart County. Comprising brands like Jayco, Entegra Coach, Highland Ridge RV, and Starcraft RV, this conglomerate exemplifies the region’s prowess in RV manufacturing.

Anita Pfefferkorn, a past NJCOA president, was particularly impressed with the RV Technical Institute. Recognizing its role in filling a niche in the RVing community, she appreciated the opportunities it presented.

The tour was not just an eye-opener for the attendees but also a testament to Elkhart’s unwavering commitment to RV manufacturing excellence. The city’s dedication to quality, innovation, and education ensures its continued dominance in the RV world.

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Sandra Thomas
Sandra Thomas
February 14, 2024 4:57 pm

Did you know that the NJCOA recently delved into the heart of RV manufacturing in Elkhart, Indiana? The tour showcased the city’s substantial role in RV production and left attendees amazed by the industry prowess.


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