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Hipcamp, Campflare Collaborate to Transform Camping Reservations, Offering Instant Alerts for Sold-Out Campsites

Hipcamp, an international campsite booking platform, has joined forces with Campflare to launch Hipcamp Alerts. 

This innovation continually monitors sold-out national and state park campsites in the U.S., instantly notifying users of any openings through push notifications and emails for free. 

The introduction of Hipcamp Alerts addresses a significant challenge for campers: finding available campsites. 

Over the years, many public campsites, intended for all, have become available primarily to those who can afford advanced technological solutions or premium booking services. This partnership aims to democratize this access, ensuring that every camper, regardless of their financial or technological capabilities, can find and book their desired campsite.

Campflare’s Co-Founder, Carter Harrison, highlighted this mission, stating that their collaboration with Hipcamp would expand access to public lands for every camper. “In recent years, campsites that were intended to be used by all members of the public have increasingly been available only to the wealthy and technologically advanced,” Harrison said. This partnership seeks to change that narrative.

Furthermore, Hipcamp leverages the power of artificial intelligence to offer campers top-rated private land campsites near their desired public land location each time they receive a Hipcamp Alert. This integration provides campers with more choices, enhancing their overall camping experience.

Alyssa Ravasio, CEO and founder of Hipcamp, emphasized the company’s commitment to making the outdoors accessible to everyone. 

“Public lands are our birthright,” Ravasio said. “We believe the outdoors should be accessible to all. For that reason, we’re proud to offer Hipcamp Alerts to all campers free of charge. By expanding access to nature and boosting park revenue, Hipamp can play an important role in securing the ongoing relevance and sustainability of our public lands. We’re also thrilled that Hipcamp Alerts will surface affordable private land campsites near desired locations across the more than 5 million acres of land that are found only on Hipcamp.”

Founded in 2013, Hipcamp has transformed the camping landscape, opening over 5 million acres of the world’s most beautiful private land for camping. From RV sites to treehouses, Hipcamp offers unique camping experiences, ensuring that landowners, including farmers and ranchers, generate new revenue streams. This approach not only promotes land conservation but also fosters a growing love for the outdoors.

On the other hand, Campflare, founded in 2020, has been instrumental in increasing America’s access to public lands. To date, Campflare has sent over 3 million notifications, assisting campers in securing coveted spots in popular national parks, state parks, and national forests.

The partnership between Hipcamp and Campflare is a testament to the evolving camping industry. By addressing the challenges faced by campers and offering innovative solutions, both companies are setting new standards in the world of outdoor adventures.

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March 23, 2024 11:05 am

Did you know that Hipcamp and Campflare are cooking up something cool? They’re adding a feature that lets you tweak your camping search to match your dream outdoor adventure. It’s like having a personalized camping genie to help you find the ideal spot that fits your vibe and needs. Cool, right?

May 16, 2024 4:49 am

Guess what? Hipcamp Alerts isn’t just about snagging camp spots – it lets you filter for pet-friendly or RV-ready sites too! And how cool is it that this collab introduces you to unique stays like treehouses and yurts? It’s like opening up a whole new world of outdoor adventures!


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