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Harvest Hosts and Grech RV Partner to Offer RVers Fully Equipped, Adventure-Ready Units

Harvest Hosts, the membership program providing RVers with unique overnight camping options, has announced that Grech RV has become the latest manufacturer to join the Harvest Hosts Adventure Ready program. 

This partnership ensures all Grech RV units are fully equipped and compliant with Harvest Hosts guidelines, allowing them to park overnight at any of the program’s 8,000+ locations. Grech RV is now the second RV manufacturer to join the program.

Bill Zhang, CMO at Harvest Hosts, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to welcome Grech RV to the Harvest Hosts Adventure Ready program.

Their commitment to creating RVs that are both off-road capable and fully self-contained makes them a great partner for our program. We’re excited for RVers to have the opportunity to explore more of the country and stay at unique Harvest Hosts locations with a Grech RV.”

The partnership offers RVers assurance that Grech’s 2023 RV models under the Strada, Turismo, and Terreno brand names will be fully self-contained and ready to stay at any Harvest Hosts location across the country. 

Grech RV units feature a lithium battery system for up to 12 hours of off-grid power and off-road capabilities, allowing access to even the most remote Harvest Hosts locations.

This collaboration also highlights the rarity of fully self-contained class B motorhomes and campervans in the market, making Grech RV’s product line a fitting addition to the Harvest Hosts Adventure Ready Program. 

Harvest Hosts supports small businesses by providing a unique way for RVers to explore the country with host locations at wineries, farms, and museums, offering experiences not found in typical campgrounds.

Grech RV’s Vice President, AJ Thurber, shared the company’s excitement: “We’re excited to be a part of the Harvest Hosts Adventure Ready program.”

“Our vans are designed for adventure, and being able to park at Harvest Hosts locations across the country is a perfect fit for our customers. We’re looking forward to introducing more RVers to the unique experiences that Harvest Hosts offers,” Thurber added.

Both companies plan to celebrate the partnership with a trip exploring Harvest Hosts locations throughout California and Denver in a Grech unit. 

The Grech RV collaboration marks a significant development in the Harvest Hosts Adventure Ready program, with plans to expand further by partnering with leading RV manufacturers.

The partnership between Grech RV and Harvest Hosts underscores the growing trend of RV manufacturers seeking collaborations that enhance the overall experience for their customers. 

Such collaborations offer unique benefits to RVers, enabling them to discover new destinations and create memorable travel experiences while supporting small businesses.

This collaboration sets a precedent for other RV manufacturers to follow, potentially sparking similar partnerships in the future. 

As more manufacturers join programs like Harvest Hosts Adventure Ready, the RV industry may see a shift towards increased focus on customer experience and adventure-ready vehicles, catering to the growing demand for unique and immersive travel experiences.


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