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Grounded Unveils World’s First Fully Customizable Smart Electric RV


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Grounded, an electric RV startup founded by ex-Tesla and SpaceX engineers, has unveiled the world’s first fully customizable smart electric RV. 

According to an article by Forbes, Grounded G1 sets a new standard for sustainable travel with its state-of-the-art design and class-leading layout customization, solar power, and zero emissions.

Built on Ford’s E-Transit platform, the G1’s powertrain and living systems are fully electric, aided by 650-watt solar capacity thanks to solar panels built into the roof. 

Ford batteries allow the vehicle to utilize a nationwide network of battery chargers, providing increased flexibility for travel.

Photo courtesy of Grounded

According to Grounded CEO Sam Shapiro, “The Grounded G1 gives people the freedom and self-reliance to live, work, and explore anywhere, sustainably integrated with nature.” 

The G1 is designed with an assembly system using a library of components, allowing for a variety of layouts, and the modular interior allows users to shape and define the space to meet individual needs.

The G1 features sustainably-sourced Baltic Birch throughout, providing a warm and modern feel, and optional components include a kitchen with a convection oven, a dry-flush toilet, and seating for anywhere from two to eight occupants.

Fully integrated electronics, managed through the Grounded+ app, provide a smart RV experience, giving a detailed view of how much energy each onboard appliance uses and the ability to control all aspects of the vehicle and living space remotely.

Photo courtesy of Grounded

Grounded will launch the Aerodynamic Towable, a spaceship-like trailer with remote-controlled electronics and appliances powered by 1500 watts of solar, in the near future.

The G1 will be available for purchase in April 2023 with a published range of 108 miles. The G2, with a range of 250 miles, will be available in July 2023. 

The G1 is priced at $125,000 and is available for direct purchase, annual lease, or monthly subscription. Grounded is manufacturing the G1 in Newlab’s Michigan Central Mobility Studio in Detroit.

Grounded’s G1 electric RV is a game-changer in the industry, providing a sustainable and customizable travel option that meets individual needs. With a commitment to innovation and flexibility, Grounded is set to transform the way people travel and explore the world.

The unveiling of Grounded’s G1 electric RV represents a significant step forward in sustainable travel, as it is the first RV that does not rely on fossil fuels for power.

With the growing concern over climate change and the need for more sustainable travel options, the G1 is likely to appeal to a growing segment of consumers who are looking for eco-friendly travel options.

Moreover, the G1 is the first RV that is fully customizable, with a modular interior that allows users to shape and define the space to meet their individual needs. 

This is a significant development in an industry that has traditionally relied on fixed layouts and designs.

Also, the G1 is designed with fully integrated electronics that can be managed through a smartphone app, providing a smart RV experience that gives users a detailed view of how much energy each onboard appliance uses and the ability to control all aspects of the vehicle and living space remotely. This is likely to appeal to tech-savvy consumers who are looking for a high-tech travel experience.

Finally, the G1 is being manufactured in Newlab’s Michigan Central Mobility Studio in Detroit, which is a clear signal that the RV industry is beginning to embrace innovation and technology in a way that it has not done before. 

As more companies like Grounded enter the market with cutting-edge RV designs, the industry is likely to become more competitive, which will ultimately benefit consumers by providing them with a wider range of options to choose from.

Featured image from Grounded


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