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General RV Center Marks Milestone Year with Expansion and Market Dominance

General RV Center, recognized as the nation’s largest family-owned RV dealer, has marked a significant year of strategic growth. The company expanded its footprint across the United States with the addition of new stores and enhanced its market presence.

In 2023, General RV inaugurated four new outlets in the southern United States and initiated construction on two Supercenters anticipated to open by the end of 2024. This expansion not only broadens the company’s geographic reach but also reinforces its market leadership in the RV industry.

The acquisitions in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and Winter Garden, Florida, are part of General RV’s broader strategy to serve a growing customer base. The West Chester location, strategically placed near Philadelphia, extends General RV’s reach into Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. Meanwhile, the Winter Garden outlet, located near Orlando, underscores the company’s dominance in Florida’s RV market.

Florida’s market has been particularly lucrative for General RV, with the addition of stores in Fort Pierce and Fort Myers cementing its status as the state’s premier family-owned RV dealership. These expansions are indicative of the company’s aggressive growth tactics and its commitment to serving the RV community.

General RV’s new construction projects in Salisbury, North Carolina, and South Weber, Utah, represent a venture into new markets. These Supercenters, featuring extensive service bays and retail spaces, are set to create substantial employment opportunities, highlighting the company’s impact on local economies.

The company’s strategic growth is underpinned by impressive sales figures. General RV has emerged as a leader in the RV sector, commanding significant market shares in several key states. According to Statistical Surveys Inc., General RV’s sales figures underscore its prominence in the RV marketplace.

Loren Baidas, CEO of General RV, emphasized that the company’s expansion is driven by a commitment to delivering exceptional service and a superior RV purchasing experience. This approach aims to enhance General RV’s customer service and solidify its market position.

The RV industry’s resurgence to pre-pandemic levels reflects a sustained interest in RVing, with General RV well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. The company’s focus on customer service and strategic expansion is set to meet the evolving needs of the RV community.

Chris Davis, General RV president, noted the industry’s cyclical nature and affirmed the company’s dedication to upholding high customer service standards. This steadfast approach is crucial for adapting to market dynamics and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1962, General RV Center has a longstanding history in the RV sector. Its nationwide network, soon to encompass 20 locations, offers a comprehensive range of RV sales, services, and accessories. This extensive network underscores General RV’s prominent role in the industry.

General RV’s expansion and strategic positioning significantly impact the RV industry, providing valuable insights for other RV dealers. By demonstrating successful growth strategies and a strong customer service ethos, General RV sets a benchmark for the industry, highlighting the potential for other dealers to expand and thrive in a competitive market.

For more information, visit General RV Center

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