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Australian RV Marketplace Flourishes Despite Lockdowns

Despite the widespread lockdowns that restrict movement throughout Australia, peer-to-peer recreational vehicles (RV) marketplace Camplify announced AU$11.7 million in Gross Transaction Volume (GTV) in the December quarter, indicating an increase of 48%.

The Newcastle-based firm posted an overall net profit of AU$4.02 million. It increased its customer base by another 20,113 even though COVID-19 regulations resulted in what Camplify CEO Justin Hayes describes as flat numbers in New South Wales and Victoria.

The average user was spending less per booking, at AU$1,143 as opposed to AU$1,235 in the September quarter. However, Hayes mentioned that the increase in demand has resulted in an increase in the price on the platform.

“In the last 18 months [we’ve] dealt with about 50 localized lockdowns, particularly [in] Australia. We haven’t seen an Australia-wide lockdown, but every single location that we have had lockdowns in, it’s been a very similar pattern,” he explained.

“Customers move and replan their travel that was due to happen during that period. As the lockdown ends, we see a surge in bookings. From our perspective, we’re in a very good position with our customers with the way that we operate our system.”

“We see very little customers actually cancel their bookings – most people just take the credit and move a booking to a different time.”

The company’s presence in the Northern Hemisphere continues to strengthen, with the UK reporting a GTV of AU$300,000 (98% increase) and Spain increasing to AU$85,000 (1648.36% increase).

The company posted an average take-rate of 34.19% (including van sales), with global net revenue increasing by 139.92% compared with Q2 FY21.

When asked if international travel can hinder users’ performance, Hayes noted that the rapid spread of omicron has forced customers to think about the type of travel most suitable to their needs.

“They want a safe, self-contained environment, and they want to be able to make sure that they can control the way that they go into places and [if] state borders do close or change that they’re able to change their plan peacefully and manage that situation. An RV is perfect for that,” Hayes said.

For Hayes, the main priority will remain to expand Camplify’s RV fleet, which currently stands at 7,338.

“We have more demand than they have supply on the platform. And we certainly see that regularly, and we saw that during the last period, particularly around Christmas and holiday periods,” he said.

“We’re looking at ramping up more fleet, providing more options, making it easier for the customer so that as we get to a position where we’re really open from an international borders perspective, we can provide a great solution to those customers.”

The company has also submitted an application to the New Zealand Commerce Commission to accept its acquisitions of Mighway and SHAREaCAMPER, which is due to be finalized in Q3 FY22 if approved.


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