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News for March 28, 2023

Proposed RV Resort in Santa Rosa County Receives Green Light, Residents Disagree


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Florida’s Santa Rosa County Commission has approved plans to develop an RV resort north of Milton in the hopes that they will be provided with more details in March about the project’s site plans and septic tank alternatives to deal with the effluent of the resort.

More or less 30 residents attended the commission’s special rezoning meeting on Thursday to voice their opinions against the proposal, a report said.

The zoning board recommended the denial of a conditional use permit that could allow recreational activities.

The development covers around 20 acres along Hutchins Road and lies near Earnest Mill Creek and Big Coldwater Creek. The property would feature 56 sites, 21 cabins, and two areas for community use for picnics and non-amplified outdoor.

Robert Preston, one of the participants in the proposal, said he wants to ensure that the project will attract clients of high quality and receive an enthusiastic response from the local community.

However, some county residents expressed their dissent to commissioners about how the project differs from the area’s tranquil ambiance.

“We’re looking at 300-plus people on that property on a given weekend,” said Pace resident Kim Cook.

“My thing is, there should be some part of this county that’s sacred, and if these people are on this amount of land, it’s because they want to live in a sacred part of this county, and they don’t want to be invaded,” said Pace resident Sherry Chapman.

District 5 Commissioner Colten Wright said that RV resorts located in Santa Rosa County attract the same unproblematic crowd of people.

“I don’t have a problem with an RV resort, per se. Obviously, I supported one in Navarre that got turned down,” Wright said. “I think when you look at what’s happening in the RV industry, the people that are buying expensive RVs and showing up and going to places that are pristine places like where we are, they’re not causing harm.”

“But the only way I’d support this, would be if you have consideration for the conditional use with a small packaging plant with a RIB system that disposes of it (effluent) rather than the septic tanks,” Cole said.

Preston told the board that he would look at alternatives to septic tanks and also provide county officials with a detailed plan for the site. All of this will be discussed by the board in March.

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