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Campspot’s 2023 Year in Review Sparks Optimism for Campground Industry

In a recent release, Campspot, an online marketplace for premier RV resorts, family campgrounds, cabins, glamping options, and more, unveiled its 2023 Year in Review infographic. 

The data showcases a robust performance in the sector, despite the challenges of a fluctuating economy. This report not only reflects the resilience of the campground industry but also sets a positive tone for 2024.

The 2023 review by Campspot reveals a significant financial throughput, with the platform processing $1.9 billion. 

This figure is a testament to the growing popularity and economic impact of camping as a leisure activity. The platform’s ability to handle such a high volume of transactions indicates a strong demand in the market, which campground and outdoor hospitality operators can capitalize on.

Campspot’s role in facilitating 3.1 million gross reservations underscores the platform’s efficiency and the increasing interest in camping experiences. 

This number reflects the platform’s robust reservation system, which can be a valuable tool for campground operators looking to streamline their booking processes and enhance customer experience.

Serving 8.8 million campers, Campspot has significantly contributed to the industry’s growth. This large number of campers indicates a broad market base that campground operators can target. By understanding the preferences and needs of this diverse group, operators can tailor their services to attract and retain more guests.

The report also highlights that campers spent 32 million nights outdoors, indicating a strong commitment to outdoor experiences. This trend provides an opportunity for campground operators to enhance their offerings, such as unique lodging options and outdoor activities, to cater to the evolving preferences of campers.

In terms of revenue categories, Campspot reported substantial earnings in various segments. The Total Add-On revenue of $39 million, Total Grid Optimization revenue of $8.9 million, Total Lock Site revenue of $19 million, and Dynamic Pricing revenue of $5.3 million, along with 120 million POS items sold, reflect diverse income streams that campground operators can explore.

Campspot’s operational insights reveal the platform’s commitment to enhancing campground management. The 17 dashboards in Campspot Analytics help park owners identify trends and opportunities, a crucial aspect for staying competitive in the industry. Additionally, the integration of 9 new features aimed at streamlining operations can significantly benefit campground operators by improving efficiency and reducing operational complexities.

The platform’s technological prowess is further highlighted by the 95.8 million calls made to its online booking API and the 9.4 million emails sent to campers. These figures demonstrate the platform’s capacity to handle large-scale digital communications, an essential component in today’s tech-driven market.

An estimated 6,154 phone hours saved with automatic grid optimizations is a notable achievement. This efficiency not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces the workload on campground staff, allowing them to focus on providing quality service to guests.

Looking ahead to 2024, the report coins it as the “Year of Calm-Cation,” with a focus on providing calm and relaxing experiences to campers. Nearly 70% of campers are seeking such experiences, presenting a significant opportunity for campground operators to tailor their services accordingly.

Campspot’s commitment to supporting campground owners in providing exceptional experiences is evident in its comprehensive review. The platform’s continuous innovation and support are crucial for the industry, especially in adapting to changing market dynamics.

Campspot’s 2023 Year in Review offers valuable insights for the campground and outdoor hospitality industry. As the sector prepares for 2024, the data and trends highlighted in the report provide a roadmap for success. 

Campground operators can leverage this information to enhance their services, adopt new technologies, and ultimately thrive in the coming year. 

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February 19, 2024 7:43 pm

The camping industry’s burgeoning and distinctive accommodations offer unforgettable experiences. Campspot’s sustainability initiatives inspire eco-conscious camping options.


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