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Campspot Analytics: The Game-Changer for Campgrounds Seeking Optimal Occupancy and Rates

In the ever-evolving outdoor hospitality industry, data-driven decision-making has become paramount. 

Campspot’s tool, Campspot Analytics is not just another analytics dashboard; it’s a beacon for campground operators navigating the intricate waters of occupancy and rate optimization.

The camping industry, like many others, has seen its fair share of fluctuations. With recent softening trends, the need for robust, actionable data has never been more pressing. 

Enter Campspot Analytics. Designed with campground operators in mind, this tool provides easy-to-digest visual dashboards, enabling users to make informed decisions. The proof is in the pudding, as parks that embraced Campspot Analytics in its nascent phase reported a 5% increase in occupancy compared to their counterparts.

But what truly sets Campspot Analytics apart is its unique feature, “Signals”. This innovative suite of dashboards collates anonymous data from a myriad of parks, offering campgrounds a competitive benchmarking platform. 

With Signals, campgrounds can now gauge how their rates and occupancy levels stack up against similar parks. In a market teeming with benchmarking tools, Signals stands alone, boasting unparalleled access to a treasure trove of anonymized data specific to the outdoor hospitality sector.

A glimpse into the data reveals some insights. In 2023, campgrounds and RV resorts raked in an impressive average revenue of $3,985 per RV site during the peak months of May to October. Such granular data, specific to individual parks, is a goldmine for operators, guiding them towards ideal rate structures.

Diving deeper into Campspot Analytics, one discovers a plethora of other dashboards, each tailored to address specific facets of campground operations. From providing a holistic park overview and summarizing operations to tracking occupancy pace and offering year-on-year metric comparisons, Campspot Analytics leaves no stone unturned. Operators can also benefit from the Daily Manager Report and insights into driving distances, equipping them with all the tools they need to thrive.

One of the standout revelations from the data is the booking behavior of campers. In 2023, while a significant 51% of occupied sites in plush resorts and traditional campgrounds reported stays under 28 nights, a whopping 69% of all occupied sites witnessed stays exceeding this duration. Such nuances in guest behavior are invaluable, offering campgrounds a roadmap to fine-tune their marketing strategies.

Moreover, the booking lead time data offers another layer of insight. While RV sites saw bookings made roughly 49 days in advance, lodging sites experienced a more spontaneous booking pattern, with reservations made just 22 days ahead of the stay. This disparity underscores the importance of tailored marketing messages, ensuring campgrounds resonate with their target audience.

Campspot Value dashboard breaks down the revenue streams, shedding light on the earnings from various features. During the summer season of 2023, spanning from May 15 to September 15, campgrounds witnessed $11 million in revenue from the Lock Site feature, $30 million from Add-ond, and $6 million from Grid Optimization.

Josh Traxler, Campspot’s chief operations officer, encapsulates the ethos behind Campspot Analytics. He passionately shares, “We want to make it as straightforward as possible for parks to measure and monitor the health of their businesses.” With tools like Campspot Analytics, campground operators are no longer shooting in the dark. They have a clear vision, backed by data, highlighting the booming areas of their business and the untapped growth corridors.

As the outdoor hospitality landscape continues to shift, tools like Campspot Analytics will be the lighthouses guiding campgrounds towards success. With its unparalleled data access, user-friendly dashboards, and actionable insights, Campspot Analytics is poised to revolutionize the way campgrounds operate, ensuring they always find their sweet spot.

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March 13, 2024 2:06 pm

Isn’t it cool how Campspot Analytics boosts campgrounds and offers tailored tips for marketing success? By using Signals and dashboards, we can ace the competition and level up our campground game!

March 21, 2024 2:47 am

Thinking about leveling up your campground game? Campspot Analytics is a game-changer. It not only helps boost your occupancy and rates but also gives tailored suggestions based on past data, keeping your campground ahead in the outdoor hospitality scene. The user-friendly setup and customizable options make it a breeze for campground operators like you to make smart decisions, grow revenue, and keep guests happy. Time to set your park up for success!


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