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Campspot Introduces Auto-Charge Balance Rule

Campspot has announced the launch of its Auto-Charge Balance rule. This new feature is set to transform how campground operators manage reservation balances, streamlining the process and enhancing the guest experience.

The Auto-Charge Balance rule automates the collection of outstanding reservation balances. This is a crucial step forward, as it addresses the often time-consuming task of balance collection that campground operators traditionally handle manually during guest check-in or via phone.

Campspot’s innovative approach significantly reduces the need for manual intervention. By automating balance collection, campground operators can now focus more on guest services and other operational aspects, enhancing overall efficiency.

The feature also includes seamless guest communication. Campspot ensures that guests receive automated email notifications about upcoming charges. These notifications detail the exact amount to be collected, keeping guests well-informed and reducing potential confusion at check-in.

Flexibility is a key component of the Auto-Charge Balance rule. Campgrounds can tailor the feature to their specific needs. This includes setting the charge time to 72 hours or more before guest arrival, allowing for sufficient processing time and flexibility for both operators and guests.

Moreover, the rule covers all costs associated with a reservation. This includes charges for add-ons and fees, ensuring that guests are automatically billed for the full amount due, streamlining the financial aspects of campground management.

The introduction of this automation within the Campspot platform is expected to significantly reduce administrative tasks for campground operators. This reduction in manual labor is not just a matter of convenience but also translates into substantial time savings and operational efficiency.

Bryann Peirson, business operations analyst at Northgate Resorts, underscores the practical benefits of this new rule. Peirson estimates that the Auto-Charge Balance rule could save over 900 hours annually. This is based on the time spent processing reservations at Northgate Resorts, which, in 2023, involved over 36,000 reservations booked at 50% payment or less.

Peirson’s statement sheds light on the operational impact of the new feature. “To better cater to consumer spending habits, we introduced partial deposits at booking. This boosted advanced bookings but led to increased administrative time.  With a little over 36,000 reservations in 2023 that booked at 50% payment or less in our portfolio of parks, processing at 90 seconds per booking amounted to a minimum of 900 hours. That’s almost 23 40-hour work weeks,” Peirson said.

For the campground and outdoor hospitality industry, the introduction of the Auto-Charge Balance rule by Campspot represents a significant step forward. It not only simplifies the reservation management process but also aligns with the evolving needs and expectations of guests.

Campspot’s Auto-Charge Balance rule is a game-changer for campground and RV park operators. It promises to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and allow operators to focus more on what they do best – providing exceptional service in the great outdoors.


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