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Northgate Resorts Finalists for National Parks of the Year: A Beacon of Excellence for the Campground and Outdoor Hospitality Industry

Northgate Resorts, an operator of camping resorts nationwide, has created waves in the campground and outdoor hospitality industry by proudly announcing that seven of its properties have been named finalists for the National ARVC Park of the Year Awards. This remarkable accomplishment is not only a testament to their commitment to excellence but also a source of valuable insights for the broader industry.

The National ARVC Park of the Year Awards, presented by the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), represent a coveted recognition of excellence within the campground and outdoor recreation sector. This accolade carries substantial implications for campground, glamping, and RV park owners seeking to elevate their facilities and meet industry standards.

Set to be unveiled on November 8, the winners of these prestigious awards bring a heightened sense of anticipation to the industry, as they provide a roadmap for operators aspiring to match the benchmarks set by Northgate Resorts.

Tessa McCrackin, the chief marketing officer of Northgate Resorts, expressed her pride and highlighted the importance of these awards, saying, “It is an honor to have such a large number of our properties represented for these prestigious National awards. Our goal is to regularly exceed our guests’ expectations when staying with us, and this recognition confirms those efforts.”

Northgate Resorts’ representation spans various categories, with Camp Margaritaville Breaux Bridge and Jellystone Park™ Barton Lake as finalists in the Mega Park category. The Large Park category features Camp Fimfo Hill Country and Jellystone Park™ Golden Valley as contenders. In the Medium Park category, three Northgate Resort properties have earned recognition: Jellystone Park™ Cranberry Acres, Jellystone Park™ Kozy Rest, and Jellystone Park™ Williamsport, MD.

These nominations demonstrate the geographical and categorical diversity of Northgate Resorts’ impact, reinforcing their leadership role in the industry across the Midwest, South, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic states.

The ARVC National Park of the Year Awards is a rigorous assessment, with peer groups of judges evaluating parks against high standards. These standards, reflecting the innovative practices of best-in-class campgrounds, highlight the importance of meeting these benchmarks. Moreover, they emphasize leadership within the industry and a dedication to delivering exceptional guest experiences.

The success of Northgate Resorts serves as an inspiring example for campground and RV park owners and outdoor hospitality operators. By consistently exceeding guest expectations, they too can elevate their establishments to the standards set by Northgate Resorts.

For the campground and outdoor recreation industry, these awards offer more than just recognition; they provide valuable insights into industry best practices. Demonstrating leadership within their communities and consistently delivering exceptional guest experiences are crucial steps towards achieving similar recognition within the sector.

Northgate Resorts’ remarkable achievement in securing seven finalists in the National ARVC Park of the Year Awards stands as a beacon of excellence for the entire campground and outdoor hospitality industry. It offers invaluable guidance and inspiration for industry players, empowering them to elevate their services and facilities, and ultimately improve the industry as a whole.

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February 22, 2024 6:41 am

Northgate Resorts being named finalists for the National Parks of the Year awards is truly remarkable! Their dedication to sustainability and innovative recreational activities has definitely set a high standard in the campground and outdoor hospitality industry. 🌿 Their commitment to preserving natural landscapes and wildlife habitats is not only praiseworthy but also inspiring for other operators in the industry. Way to go, Northgate Resorts! 🏞️


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