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CampSite 360 Report Reveals Campsites, Not Amenities Attract Campers’ Attention

The first-ever Camper Insight Report of CampSite 360 revealed that campers prioritize campsites over amenities when booking their site.

According to a press release, 96% of all images viewed within the company’s virtual tour are campsites. The finding is relevant as many believe amenities are what guests check first to feel comfortable booking a site. 

“However, the data discussed in this report argues that the campers are more interested in where they will park their RV and assume the amenities will be equitable,” the company stated in the release.

On average, a single user interacts with 106 images and remains within the virtual tour for two minutes and 22 secs.  

Additional findings from this report include user demographics, preferred technology use type, and site specification differences.

Millennials (40.90%) make up a huge chunk of virtual tour users, followed by boomers (28.60%), Gen X (21.10%), and then Gen Z (9.40%).

When it comes to campsite type, full hookup sites without concrete pads garnered most of the image views.

For amenities, swimming pools accounted for 41% of the offerings viewed (other than campsites), while comfort stations like bathhouses were 38% of views, and playgrounds were at 19%.

CampSite 360 has released its first “Camper Insight Report,” which aims to help campgrounds and RV parks better understand what guests focus their attention on before visiting. The report pulls data from the 90 days before the peak season and comprises over 3,000 individual tour users. 

The full report includes campsite type, glamping units, amenities, and more. CampSite 360 intends to expand this report to other regions to help campground owners budget for upgrades that attract the most guest attention. 

CampSite 360 provides interactive virtual tours for campgrounds, including 360° images of all campsites, glamping accommodations, and amenities. Virtual tours offer users a simple-to-use click-and-go navigation similar to Google Street View. The included interactive campground map makes the usability seamless for both campers and campground staff to navigate to any area throughout the park. 

To learn more, contact CampSite 360 at [email protected].

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Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown
May 17, 2024 12:42 pm

Isn’t it cool how campers are all about those awesome campsites? The CampSite 360 Report shows how we’re all into those natural vibes and scenic views. It suggests that campgrounds should play up what makes their sites unique to meet our ever-changing tastes. Let’s aim for those top-notch spots!


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