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Lazydays Expands Footprint with Strategic Acquisition of Orangewood RV Center Amidst Industry Shifts

Lazydays Holdings, Inc. recently announced a significant expansion with the acquisition of Orangewood RV Center in Surprise, Arizona. This move marks a pivotal step in Lazydays’ strategy to broaden its national network, now boasting 24 locations.

This acquisition is part of Lazydays’ aggressive expansion strategy, aiming to strengthen its presence in the Western U.S. With an expected addition of approximately $40 million in annualized revenue, the acquisition of Orangewood RV Center is a testament to Lazydays’ commitment to growth through strategic acquisitions.

Lazydays’ approach to expansion primarily involves acquisitions and opening new locations. This strategy not only diversifies their customer base but also enhances their revenue streams, positioning Lazydays as a formidable force in the RV industry.

The acquisition is projected to significantly boost Lazydays’ annualized revenue. By integrating Orangewood RV Center into its network, Lazydays is set to enhance its market presence, particularly in the lucrative Western U.S. RV market. According to a press release.

Arizona’s RV market is thriving, thanks to its favorable climate and scenic landscapes. The state’s growing population and appeal as a retirement destination have created a robust market for RVs, making the acquisition of Orangewood RV Center a strategic move for Lazydays.

By acquiring Orangewood RV Center, Lazydays taps into Arizona’s lucrative RV market. This move leverages the existing customer base and reputation of Orangewood RV, positioning Lazydays advantageously in a competitive market.

The RV industry has witnessed a surge in popularity, particularly post-pandemic. Lazydays’ acquisition strategy aligns with these industry trends, positioning the company to capitalize on the growing interest in RV travel and lifestyle.

Despite recent financial challenges, Lazydays is adapting to industry dynamics. The company’s focus on cost-cutting measures and inventory management, particularly towards lower-end, entry-level travel trailers, reflects a strategic response to current market conditions.

Orangewood RV Center, now part of Lazydays, offers a wide range of new and pre-owned RVs. Known for its comprehensive service experience, Orangewood has established itself as a significant player in the Arizona RV market.

Orangewood RV Center’s commitment to the RV community and customer service is evident in its wide range of services and active social media engagement. This customer-centric approach is expected to continue under Lazydays’ ownership.

For more information, Lazydays can be reached at 800-306-4011, and Orangewood RV Center at 800.974.1772.

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March 19, 2024 1:28 am

Lazydays’ new move with Orangewood RV is all about innovation and growth. They’re really stepping up their game and showing they’re savvy in adapting to the market!


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