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CRR Named ‘Top Workplace’ in Arizona

CRR: A Lifestyle Company, renowned for shaping outdoor hospitality experiences, has earned a coveted spot in the Top Workplaces 2023 list. 

The accolade, presented by Arizona Top Workplaces, is a testament to the company’s firm commitment to creating an empowering work environment, which emphasizes mutual respect, open dialogue, and professional growth.

Solely derived from employee feedback, the selection process was facilitated by Energage LLC, a third-party firm specializing in assessing workplace environments. 

Energage’s comprehensive and confidential survey probed into 15 core aspects of organizational culture. Key determinants of success like alignment, execution, and connection were the focal points of this insightful evaluation.

Eric Rubino, the CEO of Energage, applauded the winners, calling the recognition a “badge of honor” for companies that are sincere in their endeavor to foster employee engagement. Rubino stressed, “In today’s market, leaders must ensure they’re allowing employees to have a voice and be heard. That’s paramount. Top Workplaces do this, and it pays dividends.”

Undoubtedly, this recognition highlights CRR’s efforts to promote a work environment where voices are not only heard but valued, thereby elevating them to the ranks of the top workplaces in Arizona.

Mike Harrison, CRR’s chief operating officer, expressed deep gratitude for the honor. He said, “We are committed to creating a workplace where our associates feel valued, respected, and supported. CRR believes that when our associates are happy and engaged, they are more productive and creative.” Harrison views the award as a reflection of their associates’ unwavering dedication to the company’s purpose.

Significantly, CRR’s recognition comes in the highly competitive outdoor hospitality industry, renowned for its demanding pace and high-pressure environments. 

The company’s award is a powerful reminder of the significance of creating an atmosphere where employees feel empowered and connected to the organization’s vision, especially in an industry known for its customer-centric focus. 

This approach, combined with its unique offerings in the outdoor hospitality sector, sets CRR apart and contributes to its impressive track record in employee satisfaction and retention.

CRR’s unwavering commitment to its associates mirrors its commitment to providing superior experiences to its guests in the outdoor hospitality industry. 

The company’s inclusive and supportive culture not only results in higher productivity but also breeds creativity—key to delivering innovative solutions and memorable experiences in the vibrant world of outdoor hospitality.

This recognition stands as a proud accomplishment for CRR, and an inspiring example for other companies in the outdoor hospitality industry. 

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May 7, 2024 1:39 pm

Did you hear that CRR got recognized as a Top Workplace in Arizona? They offer cool wellness programs like yoga and meditation. It’s awesome how they value both professional growth and well-being!


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