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Check Out Village Camp Flagstaff: New Glamping Hub for Small-Scale Meetings and Events

In a significant development for the glamping and outdoor hospitality sector, Village Camp has announced the launch of Village Camp Flagstaff. This new destination is set to redefine small meetings and events, offering a unique blend of adventure and professional amenities in Northern Arizona’s high mountains.

Photo courtesy of Village Camp

Village Camp Flagstaff is designed to cater to a diverse range of travelers, from digital nomads seeking a scenic workspace to outdoor enthusiasts looking for a modern base camp. The resort’s location in Flagstaff makes it an ideal choice for those seeking an escape into nature without sacrificing modern conveniences.

Photo courtesy of Village Camp

The resort’s facilities are tailored for a variety of events and activities. These include sporting events, workshops, live music, retreats, and celebrations. The expansive clubhouse at Village Camp Flagstaff is a focal point for networking and collaboration, complemented by a bistro, bar, and general store.

For relaxation and leisure, guests at Village Camp Flagstaff have access to a hot tub, a resort-style swimming pool, and a playground. The resort’s design emphasizes the serene ambiance of the outdoors, providing a tranquil environment for guests.

Central to Village Camp’s ethos is the concept of community building. The resort aims to bring people together through their shared appreciation of the outdoors. This principle is reflected in the accommodation options, which include spacious RV sites, deluxe adventure cabins, and an outdoor amphitheater for events.

Photo courtesy of Village Camp

Julie Howsmon, CMO of Village Camp, highlighted the resort’s appeal. “Village Camp Flagstaff welcomes groups looking for a venue that prioritizes enjoying the great outdoors,” she said. “The property is surrounded by public lands and national forest with wide-open spaces framed by mountain vistas, while our community spaces are designed for socializing, networking, and collaboration.”

For the glamping industry, the introduction of Village Camp Flagstaff represents a significant step forward. It showcases how resorts can blend outdoor experiences with the amenities and comforts expected by today’s travelers. This balance is crucial for attracting a broader audience to glamping.

Glamping operators and aspiring business owners in the outdoor hospitality sector can draw valuable insights from Village Camp Flagstaff’s approach. The resort’s focus on community building, diverse accommodation options, and a blend of natural beauty with modern amenities sets a new standard in the industry.

Village Camp Flagstaff also demonstrates the potential for glamping destinations to serve as versatile venues for corporate and social events. This expands the market reach of glamping resorts beyond traditional vacationers to include small-scale corporate retreats and events.

The launch of Village Camp Flagstaff is a testament to the growing appeal of glamping and outdoor hospitality. It reflects a broader trend in the travel industry, where guests seek unique experiences that combine adventure with comfort.

For more information about Village Camp Flagstaff and its offerings, visit villagecamp.com

Featured image from Village Camp.

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May 25, 2024 3:47 am

Let’s chat about Village Camp Flagstaff! It’s the perfect spot for all kinds of fun activities and events. Picture cozy evenings by the fire, stargazing, and eco-friendly accommodations – it’s a nature lover’s dream. The sustainable initiatives make the whole experience even more special. So cool, right?


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