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Aguila to Discuss Proposed RV Park with Horse Corral

Aguila, a serene town located in Maricopa County is set to be the epicenter of a pivotal discussion that could determine the future of a proposed recreational venture, a report from Wickenburg Sun highlighted.

Tonight, the library will host a neighborhood meeting, bringing together residents, stakeholders, and the project’s proponents. The primary agenda is a Special Use Permit (SUP) that, if approved, would pave the way for a sprawling 20-acre RV park, with a horse corral.

The proposed site for this development is strategic, lying just east of Aguila at the confluence of US HWY 60 and N. 453rd Ave. While the application for the SUP is still in its nascent stages and hasn’t been filed with Maricopa County, the meeting’s intent is clear: to foster dialogue and ensure transparency.

Jason Sanks of Gilbert’s Sanks & Associates, LLC, representing the property owners, has been vocal about the project’s potential benefits. He cites the growing demand in Arizona for tranquil RV parks, especially those that cater to horse enthusiasts, as a driving factor behind the proposal.

Sanks emphasizes that the proposed corral is not a commercial venture aimed at hosting external events. Instead, it’s designed exclusively for the park’s visitors and residents, ensuring a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Traffic concerns, often a sticking point in such developments, have been addressed proactively. Sanks assures that the design aims to shield 453rd Avenue from RV park traffic, with only emergency vehicles being granted access, thereby preserving the tranquility of the neighboring properties.

Community engagement is at the heart of this proposal. Residents with questions, concerns, or feedback are not only encouraged to attend the meeting but also to reach out directly to Sanks. 

This proactive approach is evident in Sanks’ recent communication. In a notification letter dispatched on behalf of the property owners, he highlighted the project’s potential and addressed potential reservations. The emphasis? Quality, tranquility, and community harmony.

The Aguila community stands at a crossroads. On one hand, there’s the allure of development, economic opportunities, and catering to a niche demand. On the other, there’s the quintessential charm of Aguila, its tranquility, and the potential changes this development might usher in.


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