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Holivans Shines at Destination Lincolnshire Tourism Awards

The Destination Lincolnshire Tourism Awards, a prestigious event celebrating the best in Lincolnshire’s tourism sector, recently recognized two standout businesses from Louth. 

These awards, held annually, aim to highlight and reward the exemplary contributions of businesses to the county’s vibrant tourism industry.

Among the winners were distillers and the family caravan park, Holivans Ltd, located in Mablethorpe. Holivans Ltd, in particular, clinched the coveted “Camping, Glamping and Holiday Park of the Year Award.” This recognition is a testament to the park’s commitment to offering exceptional services, ensuring visitors have memorable experiences.

Holivans Ltd has been a staple in Mablethorpe for years, providing families with a serene getaway spot. Winning the award is not just a nod to their excellent facilities but also to their continuous efforts to enhance the visitor experience, according to a report by MSN.

From well-maintained caravan spots to engaging activities, Holivans ensures every visitor leaves with cherished memories.

The Camping, Glamping, and Holiday Park of the Year Award is not just any accolade. It recognizes businesses that go above and beyond in offering unique camping experiences. Holivans Ltd’s win underscores its position as a leading holiday park in Lincolnshire, setting benchmarks for others in the industry.

The Destination Lincolnshire Tourism Awards play a pivotal role in promoting local businesses. By recognizing and celebrating the best, these awards inspire other businesses to elevate their services, collectively boosting Lincolnshire’s tourism appeal. 

Awards like these are not just ceremonies; they are catalysts for growth, innovation, and excellence in the tourism sector.

Louth, with its rich history and picturesque landscapes, has always been a magnet for tourists. The recognition of its businesses at the awards further cements its reputation as a must-visit destination in Lincolnshire. 

The distillers and Holivans Ltd, with their recent wins, have not only brought pride to Louth but have also set higher standards for hospitality and service in the region.

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March 17, 2024 11:25 pm

Isn’t it cool that Holivans Ltd was recognized at the Destination Lincolnshire Tourism Awards? They’re truly top-notch, setting a high bar for unforgettable experiences. What a win for them and other tourism businesses in Lincolnshire!

March 20, 2024 12:15 am

Did you hear about Holivans Ltd? They’re not just any caravan park – they’re making waves with eco-friendly initiatives and awesome themed events that make your stay unforgettable for all ages!

May 15, 2024 10:20 am

You know, it’s pretty cool to see Holivans Ltd shine at the Destination Lincolnshire Tourism Awards. They’re all about giving guests top-notch experiences and keeping their place in tip-top shape. It’s like they’re setting the bar high for others, boosting that vibe of excellence and creativity in the tourism scene around here.


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