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CampWild and Vango UK Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Wild Camping Accessibility

CampWild, known for its commitment to enhancing outdoor experiences, has announced a strategic partnership with Vango UK, one of the UK’s leading camping brands. This collaboration aims to make wild camping more accessible and approachable, particularly for those who may find the prospect of camping in the wild daunting.

For an annual fee of £20, CampWild offers a membership that unlocks a suite of benefits designed to facilitate wild camping adventures. Members gain access to a curated selection of over 200 Wilder Campsites and an expanding network of exclusive Wild Spaces, previously inaccessible private lands now open for camping.

The partnership also heralds the introduction of educational and conservation initiatives. These forthcoming efforts aim to enrich the camping experience, emphasizing sustainable practices and deepening campers’ connection with nature, according to a report by Outdoor Insight.

A standout feature of this collaboration is the “Prescribe the Wild” program. This innovative initiative allows individuals to prescribe time in nature to friends or family, promoting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being benefits of outdoor activities.

CampWild members enjoy exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including tutorials, guides, and expert advice on wild camping. Additionally, the partnership offers community features such as forums, reviews, and the opportunity to earn points and badges for visiting Wild Spaces.

The collaboration between CampWild and Vango UK extends beyond just making camping gear accessible. It includes providing expertise and support to ensure campers have the right equipment for their adventures, aligning with CampWild’s inclusive mission to demystify the camping experience.

Marketing manager for Vango’s Technical portfolio, Chris Bishop, expressed pride in supporting CampWild’s mission. He emphasized the alignment of goals between the two organizations, focusing on increasing access and engagement with the outdoors. 

This partnership allows Vango to contribute further to the camping community by equipping campers with quality gear for a wide range of experiences.

As the partnership unfolds, the combined efforts of CampWild and Vango UK are expected to have a significant impact on the camping community. By making outdoor adventures more accessible and ensuring campers are well-equipped, they aim to foster a love for the outdoors across a broader audience.


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