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Hymer Unveils Vibrant Color Options and Spacious Layouts for 2023 Eriba Touring Caravans

Hymer, a leading German manufacturer, is adding a splash of color to its iconic Eriba Touring caravan range for 2023. 

The new special editions will be available in Nugget Gold, Tango Red, and Harbour Blue, giving the caravans a fresh and elegant exterior. These vibrant colors, coupled with stainless steel bumpers, alloy rims, and a standard chrome package, are set to make the Eriba Touring caravans stand out on the road.

In addition to the new color options, Hymer is introducing two new spacious layouts, the 630 and 642, to the Touring range. These layouts are designed with families in mind, offering abundant storage space and up to five berths with the optional pop-top roof. 

The interiors of the new caravans will be color-coordinated with the exterior, creating a cohesive and stylish look and feel, according to the company.

The Touring 630 features a transverse bed at the rear measuring 155 x 205 cm, while the 642 has a twin bed measuring 200/210 x 205 cm. The optional pop-top roof provides an extra bed measuring 200 x 138 cm, increasing the number of berths to five. 

These new layouts not only offer more sleeping space but also come with a large refrigerator with a capacity of 133 liters and extra storage space underneath the beds.

Hymer’s Eriba Touring caravans are known for their high standards and adaptability, making them perfect companions for road trips. The 2023 models have been completely redesigned to offer even more comfort for adventurous individualists. 

The Eriba Feeling 515 and the Nova Light 515, new additions to Hymer’s tourer brand, feature a 2m-long and 1.4m-wide transverse bed at the front, with bunk beds at the back, also 2m long. A bed can also be made up out of the seating.

For the year 2023, Eriba, a part of the Erwin Hymer Group, has introduced two new equipment lines called “Urban” and “Legend” to its iconic Touring caravan. These additions affect both the interior and exterior design of the caravan, but the classic retro look of the Eriba Touring remains intact. 

The new equipment lines and ingenious features have given the Eriba Touring an extra special look for the model year, completely in line with the slogan: “Anything but ordinary”.

Despite the challenges in manufacturing post-Covid, Hymer is launching a new Touring range for 2023, with every dealer having a different approach to ordering, servicing, and deposits. This shows Hymer’s commitment to providing high-quality products and services to its customers, even in challenging times.

For any complaints, repair inquiries, and technical concerns relating to Hymer’s vehicles, the first point of contact is the dealer or service partner. They can also assist with retrofits and the supply of spare parts. The contact form for Hymer can be found on their official website.

The RV industry is continuously evolving to cater to the changing needs and preferences of RVers. According to the 2023 trends report by Go RVing, five major themes are shaping the industry: the appeal of analog, the new frontier of VR, one-tank trips, outdoorsy cosmopolitans, and multicultural marketing. 

These trends reflect the diverse needs of current and prospective RVers and provide insights into how the industry is adapting to meet these needs.

Hymer’s Eriba Touring caravans for 2023 offer a fresh and vibrant look with new color options and spacious layouts. The addition of two new equipment lines, “Urban” and “Legend”, further enhances the appeal of these caravans. 

With the RV industry evolving to meet the diverse needs of RVers, Hymer’s new offerings are a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


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