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European Camping Group Expands Portfolio with Three Premium Campsites

On October 10, the European Camping Group, a leader in outdoor accommodation, announced the acquisition of three new premium campsites, marking a significant expansion of its portfolio.

The newly acquired campsites include Domaine de Massereau in Sommières, known for its energy self-sufficiency; Yelloh! Village La Clairière in La Tremblade, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the La Coubre forest; and La Grainetière on Île de Ré, a family-friendly 5-star campsite.

Stijn Depraetere, vice president of development and contracting at the European Camping Group, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for these acquisitions. He emphasized the group’s commitment to offering top-tier experiences for their guests.

The European Camping Group’s expansion strategy is evident in its consistent growth in the outdoor hospitality sector. Their recent acquisitions, including Vacanceselect, highlight their ambition to achieve a turnover of €700 million by 2023, according to the group’s news release.

Beyond financial growth, the group is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience. This commitment is reflected in their acquisition of brands like Eurocamp and Al Fresco, which have strengthened their market presence.

The European Camping Group’s leadership in the camping industry is further solidified by their recent accolades. Their Homair distribution brand was recognized as the “Best E-Tailer of the Year 2024” in the Camping – Holiday Village category.

This award, based on a vast consumer survey, underscores the group’s dedication to offering exceptional online services. The Homair website emerged as a top choice among consumers, with over 920,000 votes cast in its favor.

In addition to their e-retail achievements, the European Camping Group was honored with the FNHPA Sustainable Development Trophy 2023 in the Environment category. This award underscores their commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

Philippe de Tremiolle, the managing director, and Valentine Courcouz Perrin, the marketing and communications director, both emphasized the group’s mission to provide unparalleled holiday experiences while upholding environmental values.

Lise Couturier, the RSE project manager, highlighted the group’s initiatives to address environmental and health challenges. Their focus on resource conservation and impactful actions across their campsites showcases their dedication to sustainable development.

The European Camping Group’s expansion and commitment to excellence set them apart in the camping industry. Their recent acquisitions and awards are a testament to their dedication to offering premium experiences and upholding environmental values.

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February 22, 2024 5:25 am

The European Camping Group’s expansion with three premium campsites is truly remarkable, promising diverse and exceptional experiences. Their commitment to sustainability and top-tier services is admirable. In my opinion, this reflects a genuine dedication to guest satisfaction and environmental values.

Laura Martin
Laura Martin
April 15, 2024 11:04 am
Reply to  Skyless17

You’re spot on! Imagine the possibilities these campsites offer. It’s inspiring to see a fusion of service and sustainability in action! Let’s strive for this synergy in our ventures too. Keep it up! Just a note, can we explore more on their eco-friendly initiatives?


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