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Camel Creek Adventure Park’s Bold Leap: Transforming Cornwall’s Tourism with New Holiday Park

Camel Creek Adventure Park in Cornwall has embarked on an ambitious project, submitting a planning application to establish a holiday park on its site. This move marks a significant step in the park’s evolution, aiming to create a diverse range of self-catering and camping facilities. 

The proposed development includes touring caravans, tents, safari tents, glamping pods, and comprehensive amenities, reflecting a strategic shift to cater to the growing demand for versatile holiday experiences.

The park’s history is a tale of transformation and vision. Originally opened as the Shire Horse Centre in 1989, it was later acquired and rebranded as Cornwall’s Crealy. The pivotal moment came in 2015 when businessman John Broome, the founder of Alton Towers, purchased the park. 

Broome envisioned creating Britain’s first ‘six-star’ holiday resort, a plan that promised to redefine Cornwall’s tourism landscape. This vision included a substantial holiday park with 434 units, blending luxury with the natural beauty of Cornwall, as reported by The Packet.

The planning application by Camel Creek is a response to the financial challenges faced by the park, which went into administration last year. The proposal aims to quickly implement a development that would generate additional revenue in time for the 2024 season. 

This pragmatic approach seeks to utilize two adjacent fields, offering 43 touring pitches, 14 glamping pods, five safari tents, and other facilities. The plan is not just a business strategy but a significant part of the park’s long-term development plan, supporting its operation and future growth.

The proposed development is set to meet the increased demand for self-catering accommodation and camping in Cornwall. This initiative is crucial for Camel Creek, as it intends to use the success of the proposed campsite to enable the construction of the larger, consented holiday park. 

Such a development could significantly boost the local tourism sector, offering new and exciting accommodation options for visitors.

However, the planning application has raised concerns among local residents and environmental groups. Issues such as the potential impact on local businesses and the environment have been highlighted, reflecting the community’s apprehension about the scale and nature of the development. 

These concerns underscore the need for a balanced approach that respects both the park’s ambitions and the local community’s interests.

The development of the holiday park aligns with Camel Creek’s vision to enhance its tourism offerings. Yet, balancing this development with the interests of the local community and environmental preservation remains a key challenge. 

The park’s initiative could intensify competition in the region’s holiday accommodation market, necessitating careful consideration of its impact on local businesses and the broader community.


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