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Argyll Holidays Crowned Scotland’s Premier Destination for Family and Luxury Lodge Breaks

In the picturesque landscapes of Scotland, Argyll Holidays stands out as a beacon of excellence in the holiday park industry. Recently, two of its most esteemed parks, Hunters Quay Holiday Village in Dunoon and Loch Lomond Holiday Park at Inveruglas, have been crowned as the top destinations for family and luxury lodge breaks. 

This recognition, bestowed by the prestigious Hoseasons Awards, is a testament to the unparalleled experiences these parks offer.

The awards, a significant accolade in the British holiday park sector, saw Hunters Quay Holiday Village clinching the 2023 ‘Family Fun Lodges and Parks in Scotland’ award, while Loch Lomond Holiday Park triumphed in the ‘Lodge Escape Lodges and Parks in Scotland’ category. 

These honors not only underscore the exceptional quality of the resorts but also highlight the commitment of Cove UK, the parent company of Argyll Holidays, in maintaining their status as premier holiday destinations.

Mark Seaton, managing director of Cove UK, expressed immense pride in these achievements. He attributed this success to the high standards of the resorts and the exemplary customer service provided by their dedicated team members. 

Cove’s investment in these parks, following their acquisition of Argyll Holidays in February 2022, has been pivotal in enhancing their appeal and ensuring they remain at the forefront of Scotland’s holiday park sector, as reported by the Scottish Business News.

Cove UK’s broader achievements and initiatives further amplify the allure of Argyll Holidays. The company’s commitment to local sourcing, with at least 20% of produce procured locally, and their active engagement in community initiatives, reflect a deep-rooted dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. 

The Go Cove outdoor activities and environmental education program is another feather in their cap, enriching the holiday experience with a touch of environmental consciousness.

Argyll Holidays, a family-run business since 1968, has evolved from a modest venture on a rural village farm to a leader in Scotland’s holiday sector. Their eight holiday parks, nestled in scenic locales where lochs meet mountains, offer a diverse range of accommodations, from luxurious hot-tub lodges to cozy caravans and hotel rooms, catering to every taste and preference.

The parks are not just about accommodation; they are a realm of experiences. Guests can indulge in a plethora of activities, from adventurous pursuits with the GO Active team to relaxing moments in quality restaurants, swimming pools, funhouses, and spas. 

These features, combined with the opportunity to purchase dream homes for year-round enjoyment, make Argyll Holidays a unique and versatile holiday destination.

The accolades showered upon Argyll Holidays are numerous. In 2022 alone, they bagged five awards at the Hoseasons Awards, including the coveted title of “Best Caravan Park – Best in Britain.” 

Their consistent excellence is also reflected in the glowing reviews on Tripadvisor, earning them the Travelers Choice Award, and the four or five stars awarded to all their parks by the Scottish Tourist Board.

Argyll Holidays’ commitment to the environment and community is equally commendable. Their efforts in conservation have been recognized with the David Bellamy Conservation award, and their Gold Winner status in the CIPR Pride Awards 2021 for the Tunnocks Caravan Wafer Campaign underscores their dedication to sustainable practices and community well-being.

As one of the largest private employers in Argyll, the company plays a vital role in the local economy. Their involvement in community initiatives and the Argyll Achievers Awards, which celebrate the hard work and dedication of their team members, demonstrate a deep commitment to both their employees and the wider community.

Cove UK’s influence extends beyond Argyll Holidays. Their other properties, such as Seal Bay Resort in Selsey, have also garnered multiple awards, showcasing the company’s overall excellence in the holiday park sector. 

This widespread recognition is a clear indicator of Cove UK’s proficiency in creating memorable holiday experiences across its various properties.

The success of Argyll Holidays is a story of dedication, quality, and a deep understanding of what makes a holiday experience truly special. From the serene beauty of their locations to the comprehensive range of amenities and activities, coupled with their commitment to sustainability and community engagement, Argyll Holidays sets a benchmark in the holiday park industry.


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