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Woodlawn Regional Park Hosts Successful Seventh Annual Festival of Lights, Attracting Thousands

Woodlawn Regional Park recently celebrated its seventh annual Festival of Light, a significant event in the community calendar that successfully attracted thousands of visitors. 

Photo courtesy of Woodlawn Regional Park

As per a SaskToday report, the festival, which ran from December 17 to January 1 at the park’s main Souris River campground, featured around 50 local businesses, service groups, and organizations, each contributing to the vibrant display of Christmas lights and decorations.

Photo courtesy of Woodlawn Regional Park

Maureen Daoust, the park’s business manager, commented on the event’s success and the challenges faced by participants in keeping their displays fresh and engaging. “The displays were great,” Daoust said, acknowledging the effort and creativity involved. She noted that the number of participants remained consistent with the previous year, despite some being unable to join due to various commitments.

The Festival of Light is unique in its approach, focusing on community joy rather than competition. Daoust explained the decision to avoid a competitive element, citing difficulties in finding impartial judges and the desire to maintain a fun, inclusive atmosphere. This approach resonated with the visitors, many of whom attended the festival multiple times, reflecting its popularity and appeal.

Photo courtesy of Woodlawn Regional Park

This year, the festival’s duration was slightly reduced, ending on January 1. The change was attributed to the challenges in mobilizing volunteers during the holiday season. Despite this, the festival’s impact and the quality of the experience it provided remained high.

Innovative displays were a highlight of this year’s festival. For example, Fresh Air Fitness decorated a playpark area as a winter wonderland, adding an interactive element to the event. Additionally, an FM station was introduced, playing Christmas songs and acknowledgments, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

The festival kicked off on December 17 with various free activities, a fireworks display, and the lighting of the displays. This event not only marked the beginning of the festival but also underscored the park’s role in community engagement.

The success of the Festival of Lights at Woodlawn Regional Park serves as an example for other campground and outdoor hospitality operators. It demonstrates the potential of outdoor spaces to host community-centric events that attract visitors. The festival’s focus on non-commercial, inclusive activities highlights the importance of community involvement in the success of outdoor events.

For the outdoor recreation industry, the Festival of Lights at Woodlawn Regional Park offers valuable insights into organizing successful community events. It underscores the significance of creative space utilization and the benefits of hosting inclusive, family-friendly activities.

The Festival of Lights at Woodlawn Regional Park is a showcase of how outdoor spaces can be effectively used to bring communities together. As the festival looks forward to its next iteration in 2024, it continues to inspire and guide the outdoor recreation industry towards innovative, community-focused approaches.

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Amy Foster
Amy Foster
February 16, 2024 6:11 pm

Did you know that the recent Festival of Light at Woodlawn Regional Park featured captivating live performances, adding an extra layer of holiday cheer? I was enchanted to see the engaging displays and hear about the park’s plans to introduce interactive workshops and activities next year, making it an even more absorbing experience for all. It’s thrilling to see how the festival continues to evolve, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

Kevin Ward
Kevin Ward
April 16, 2024 7:28 pm

Isn’t it amazing how the Festival of Lights at Woodlawn Regional Park brings the community together with such creativity and joy? It truly creates a magical experience for all ages!


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