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Saskatchewan Enhances Community and Tourism with New Parks and Recreation Investments

Saskatchewan’s provincial and regional parks are set for significant enhancements following the announcement of increased funding in the 2024-25 Provincial Budget. This financial injection aims to improve facilities and services, addressing the needs of a growing population and bolstering the outdoor recreation industry.

Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Laura Ross highlighted the strategic focus on developing park infrastructure to support local communities and boost tourism. “Our provincial and regional parks offer an affordable getaway right here in our beautiful province,” Ross said. These investments are seen as key to making Saskatchewan a prime destination for both residents and visitors.

The budget details reveal a substantial increase in funding for the Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association, with an additional CA$615,000 allocated over the previous year, totaling CA$1.2 million. This will facilitate significant improvements and preventative maintenance in regional parks, which are vital for local recreation and tourism.

In the realm of provincial parks, the budget earmarks CA$15.0 million for capital and infrastructure enhancements. Among the planned projects are a new service centre at Nut Point Campground, bike and multi-use trail upgrades at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, and major road improvements at Pike Lake Provincial Park.

Further investments include water system upgrades at Narrow Hills Provincial Park and Moose Mountain Provincial Park, highlighting the government’s commitment to sustainable park management and visitor experience enhancement.

The preventive maintenance budget also sees a boost, with CA$1.7 million dedicated to ensuring the longevity and quality of park facilities. This maintenance is crucial for the continued attraction of tourists and the preservation of natural resources.

For the upcoming summer 2024 camping season, several new facilities will open. These include a Visitor Reception Centre at Crooked Lake Provincial Park, a group pavilion at Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park for large gatherings, and a play-structure at Pine Hill Campground in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.

Ross expressed enthusiasm about the future of the parks, noting that “2024 promises to be another great year for Saskatchewan’s provincial parks.” The minister’s vision is to provide enhanced experiences for both returning visitors and first-timers exploring the parks.

This financial commitment also extends to the Community Initiatives Fund, which is set to receive a significant increase to CA$8.5 million. This fund, benefiting from casino net revenues, supports community-based organizations and initiatives across Saskatchewan.

For nearby private campground and outdoor hospitality operators, these developments present numerous opportunities. The improved infrastructure and facilities in provincial and regional parks can lead to increased visitor numbers and heightened interest in outdoor recreation, thereby boosting the local economy and providing potential partnerships and collaborations.

The investment in Saskatchewan’s parks and recreation facilities is not just an enhancement of the physical assets but also a strategic move to strengthen the outdoor hospitality and tourism sector. This initiative is expected to create a ripple effect, enhancing the overall appeal of Saskatchewan as a destination for nature enthusiasts and recreational travelers.

The 2024-25 Provincial Budget’s focus on parks and recreation signifies a pivotal shift towards improving community well-being, economic growth, and environmental sustainability in Saskatchewan. This investment underscores the province’s dedication to fostering a thriving outdoor recreation industry and enhancing the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

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