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Humboldt Campground Welcomed 3,000 Visitors in 2021

The Humboldt campground and tourist information center (Saskatchewan) welcomed over 3,000 visitors during the summer, with 62 percent of them coming from Saskatchewan.

According to a report, other provinces represented include 22 percent from Alberta, six percent from British Columbia, six percent from Manitoba, two percent from Ontario, and one percent from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

The data came from Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce, who provided the figures to the City of Humboldt in a council presentation in December.

“2021 continued to be strongly affected by the dramatic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,” wrote Brent Fitzpatrick, executive director for the chamber.

“Uncertainty centered around interprovincial travel, let alone international, thus creating a downward turn in our campsite rentals.”

Although the pandemic has generally caused the number of visitors to decrease, Fitzpatrick said workers staying in the region to work in construction had seen slight increases.

He said that it was fortunate to have the company that built the brand new Pattison Ag building out of town but staying on the other side.

To make the experience more convenient, the company also offered to install a new, high-capacity septic tank located between sites 12 and 13.

The plan, which the planning department of the city accepted, will allow the campsite to have two sites that could be utilized seasonally, without the need to relocate the camper at any time.

Long-term maintenance for campground staff included cutting down almost 48 old trees in the last two years. Numerous overshadowing sites were identified as risky should high winds roar through. Also, during the year, all of the picnic tables, power pedestals, and site marker poles were cleaned up and painted.

“In addition, we enjoyed sharing our site and the adventures it provides with the Humboldt Scout Troop, the Public School Daycare, along with other youth organizations,” Fitzpatrick said. “To have these large groups of children running in our campground, enjoying nature in a safe, fun, and educational manner was quite fulfilling.”

He said their confidence is high regarding better business performance in 2022 due to the ongoing vaccination efforts. However, those at the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce are also very aware of the market’s volatility, and caution is the keyword for the year ahead.

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April 13, 2024 1:48 pm

Isn’t it intriguing how Humboldt Campground expanded its offerings to include guided nature walks and farm-to-table dining experiences? I find it wonderful how they engage visitors with the area’s flora, fauna, and locally sourced meals. What do you think about these initiatives?


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