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Lacombe County Expresses Satisfaction Over Addressed Concerns for Proposed Buffalo Lake RV Park

Lacombe County (Alberta, Canada) has expressed its satisfaction with the conditions set forth for the proposed Buffalo Lake RV park, signaling a positive step forward for the development. 

The County of Stettler, after careful deliberation, has conditionally approved the development permit for Bar W Resort. This ambitious project envisions a sprawling 318-site RV park that will span an impressive 83-acre site, strategically located between the summer villages of White Sands and Rochon Sands.

A report from the Red Deer Advocate revealed that the approval process was meticulous, with the developers being tasked to meet a comprehensive list of 44 conditions, which also encompassed several sub-conditions. 

One of the standout conditions is the establishment of a communal water system, a vital component to ensure sustainable water supply for the park’s visitors. Additionally, the developers are presented with two options concerning lake access: they can either contribute to the much-needed upgrades at the existing White Sands Boat Launch or undertake the construction of a brand-new boat launch within the RV park’s premises.

Previously, Lacombe County had extended its support to the development in principle. However, it was imperative for the county that certain concerns, especially those related to communal water and lake access, were adequately addressed. 

With the conditions now set in place, the county believes that the County of Stettler will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the proposed development harmoniously coexists with the environment, safeguarding the lake’s health and the integrity of the shoreline habitat.

The proposed Buffalo Lake RV park symbolizes the region’s commitment to sustainable development that caters to both residents and visitors. The park is expected to bolster tourism, providing a serene getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Moreover, with its proximity to Stettler and other attractions, the RV park is poised to become a central hub of activity, driving economic growth and creating potential job opportunities.

The Buffalo Lake RV park stands as a beacon of what the future holds for Lacombe County and the surrounding regions. With the concerns addressed and the county’s backing, the park is set to become a testament to harmonious development that prioritizes both recreation and conservation.

Featured image from the Town of Stettler


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