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Alberta Expands Provincial Parks Network

Alberta’s (Canada) provincial parks network is set to grow with the introduction of two new parks in the northern region, as announced by the Government of Alberta. This expansion, under the leadership of Forestry and Parks Minister Todd Loewen, aims to enhance outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities across the province.

A report from the South Peace News highlighted that the new additions, Kleskun Hills Provincial Park and La Biche River Provincial Recreation Area are being developed from land previously acquired from private owners. These parks are part of a strategic initiative to allow residents and visitors alike to explore Alberta’s diverse landscapes.

Forestry and Parks Minister Todd Loewen, representing the Falher and Valleyview regions and MLA for Central Peace – Notley, emphasized the importance of the expansion. “The expansion of the provincial parks system creates opportunities for Albertans to visit and appreciate some of Alberta’s most spectacular landscapes,” Loewen stated. He further highlighted the initiative’s goal to enhance the enjoyment of the province’s outdoor spaces without impacting recreational use.

Kleskun Hills Provincial Park, positioned east of Grande Prairie, will encompass over 1,000 hectares of protected land. This park offers a unique glimpse into Canada’s northernmost badlands ecosystem, featuring a natural area, an historic village, a rental hall, a church, and a day-use area and campground. The campground currently provides nine overnight camping sites without hook-ups and is open for day-use, catering to visitors seeking a rustic outdoor experience.

The park is also equipped with indoor washrooms with showers, outdoor restrooms, a large playground, hiking trails, picnic tables, and fire pits, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit for all.

La Biche River Provincial Recreation Area, located near Lac La Biche, will protect more than 65 hectares of land. This area is designed to offer rustic facilities and camping areas, further contributing to Alberta’s outdoor recreational offerings.

The expansion of Alberta’s provincial parks is not only a boon for outdoor enthusiasts but also holds significant potential benefits for nearby private campgrounds and RV parks

By increasing the number of accessible outdoor recreational areas, the initiative is expected to draw more visitors to the region, potentially increasing patronage of surrounding private campgrounds and RV parks. These businesses can anticipate a surge in visitors seeking accommodations and services near the new parks, thereby boosting local tourism and economy.

County of Grande Prairie Reeve Bob Marshall expressed his approval of the new park designations, particularly highlighting the Indigenous cultural significance of Kleskun Hills. “With its Indigenous cultural significance, it is a fitting tribute that Kleskun Hills will be designated as a provincial park within the County of Grande Prairie,” Marshall remarked. He extended an invitation to visitors to celebrate the area’s opening this spring.

The initiative reflects Alberta’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage while promoting outdoor recreation and tourism. By expanding its provincial parks network, Alberta not only enhances the quality of life for its residents but also supports local economies, including those of private campgrounds and RV parks, through increased tourism and recreational opportunities.

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April 6, 2024 2:04 am

Whoa, have you heard? Alberta is unveiling new parks! It’s like finding hidden treasures in our backyard. Time to lace up those boots and explore these scenic wonders.

April 9, 2024 5:37 am

Hey there nature enthusiasts in Alberta! How awesome is this news? The provincial parks are growing with Kleskun Hills Provincial Park and La Biche River Provincial Recreation Area. It’s your chance for incredible outdoor adventures in stunning landscapes. Let’s go explore and soak in the magic these new spots offer!


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