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WACO, Partners Surprise Disabled Teen with First Car

Caden Dahl, a 16-year-old resident of Galesville, Wisconsin, was presented with his very first vehicle last Friday. 

Despite being born with physical challenges that include an absent right arm and a shortened left arm with two fingers, Dahl has consistently defied the odds, thriving academically and athletically. His goals include pursuing a legal career after attending an Ivy League institution.

Photos courtesy of Heather Mares, Caden Dahl’s mother

The presentation of the 2017 Dodge Journey SE took place at the Champions Riverside Resort in Galesville, made possible through the generous contributions of several organizations.

Among these were the Gilbert Brown Foundation, Gross Motors of Black River Falls, the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners, and the seasonal campers at Champions Riverside Resort.

For years, Dahl has been an ardent supporter of the Gilbert Brown Foundation, named after its founder, a former Green Bay football player and Super Bowl 31 champion. This organization has an impressive track record, backing over 150 charities dedicated to improving the lives of children. 

“Caden helps Gilbert raise money to help other kids,” said Heather Mares, Caden’s mom.

The surprise gift of a car signifies more than just a practical mode of transport for Dahl; it’s a powerful symbol of the belief that barriers should never impede a young individual’s access to growth and learning opportunities.

“We are delighted to help present Caden with this invaluable gift of a used car,” affirmed Mike Gross, proprietor of Gross Motors. Gross emphasized that transportation should not obstruct a young person’s potential to succeed.

In preparation for the handover, Gross Motors executed a comprehensive inspection and servicing of the vehicle. 

The dealership ensured an oil change, tire rotation, front strut replacement, battery, and coolant testing were all performed. Moreover, they gifted Dahl a comprehensive 24-month/24,000-mile warranty, assuring coverage for powertrain components and significant parts of the suspension, steering, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical systems.

Gilbert Brown, the heart behind the foundation, has had a personal connection with Dahl and his family since Dahl was an infant, extending his assistance by funding his surgeries and providing additional support. Recognizing Dahl’s efforts to reciprocate this kindness by contributing to the foundation, Brown stated, “Caden has been ‘giving back’ to my foundation by sharing his story and by encouraging other children to make the best of every life situation,”

Brown further commended Caden’s resilience and determination. He added, “Caden is living proof that virtually every challenge can be overcome through hard work and persistence and simply believing in yourself.”

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March 19, 2024 4:22 pm

Isn’t it amazing to witness the impact of kindness on Caden’s life through this thoughtful gesture? His first car not only gives him wheels but also a pathway to endless opportunities. The commitment from the Gilbert Brown Foundation and Gross Motors truly showcases the strength of community in uplifting individuals like Caden. How does this heartwarming story inspire you to make a difference in someone’s life today?


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