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Kunes Auto & RV Group Expands in Wisconsin with Acquisition of Beloit Dealership

In a significant move that marks the continuation of its strategic growth, Kunes Auto & RV Group has officially expanded its presence in Wisconsin through the acquisition of a new dealership in Beloit, previously known as Finley GMC. 

The dealership will commence operations under the new name, Kunes GMC of Beloit, starting April 1, further solidifying Kunes Auto & RV Group’s footprint in the Midwest automotive and RV market.

This expansion brings the total number of dealerships under the Kunes umbrella to 45, spread across Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. The acquisition of the Beloit dealership, which represents the group’s 10th GM dealership, is a testament to Kunes Auto & RV Group’s commitment to growth and excellence in the automotive industry. 

Founded on the principles of family and community service, the group has been a stalwart in the automotive sector since its inception in 2004, according to a press release.

The acquisition from Finley GMC not only signifies growth but also the merging of two companies with shared values. 

Scott Kunes, Chief Operating Officer of Kunes Auto Group, emphasized the importance of this merger, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Finley GMC into the Kunes family. Our commitment to providing above and beyond automotive customer experiences aligns with the values upheld by Finley GMC. We look forward to continuing their legacy of excellence in the Beloit community.”

As part of the transition, Kunes Auto & RV Group has announced that it will retain the expertise of Tom Finley, the former owner of Finley GMC, who is retiring after a distinguished 40-year career. 

This collaboration aims to ensure a seamless integration of the businesses and continuity in community service and customer care. Additionally, 36 employees from Finley GMC will join the Kunes team, with Matt Finley, son of Tom Finley, taking on the role of Finance Manager, thereby continuing the family’s legacy within the automotive industry.

The new Kunes GMC of Beloit dealership will offer a wide selection of new GMC and Buick vehicles, alongside a vast array of used cars, catering to a diverse range of customer needs. 

This expansion is reflective of Kunes Auto & RV Group’s dedication to providing affordable, flexible, and tailored financing solutions, ensuring that each customer finds a vehicle that meets their needs and budget.

Located at 2700 Milwaukee Rd, Beloit, WI 53511, the dealership is poised to serve the Beloit community and surrounding areas, offering unparalleled service and a comprehensive vehicle selection. 

For more information about Kunes Auto & RV Group and the Kunes GMC of Beloit dealership, interested parties are encouraged to visit ShopKunes.com and KunesGMCBeloit.com, or contact the dealership directly at (608) 365-0909.

This strategic acquisition by Kunes Auto & RV Group not only enhances its service offering but also reaffirms its commitment to fostering community ties and continuing a legacy of automotive excellence in the Midwest.

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April 1, 2024 1:23 pm

The move by Kunes Auto & RV Group to acquire the Beloit dealership sounds like a win-win! It’s great to see more top-notch automotive services becoming available in Beloit. The merger with Finley GMC is a promising step towards offering even better customer experiences and community support. Cheers to that!

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones
April 1, 2024 1:39 pm

I just wanted to share how awesome it is that Kunes Auto & RV Group acquired the Beloit dealership. It’s not just about business. it’s about bringing great vehicles and service to our community. With Tom Finley’s expertise and the new team, it’s all about top-notch quality and care at Kunes GMC of Beloit.

Finn Harbor
Finn Harbor
April 1, 2024 11:41 pm

Just wanted to share how cool it is that Kunes Auto & RV Group is expanding into the Wisconsin market! Bringing more options and expertise to Beloit – exciting times ahead!

April 2, 2024 12:31 am

Imagine Kunes Auto & RV Group expanding to bring more vehicle options to us in the Midwest! Their new addition, Kunes GMC of Beloit, is set to offer a diverse range of services and vehicles, reflecting their dedication to serving our community with top-notch choices. Pretty cool move, right?

April 2, 2024 12:54 am

Have you heard the buzz? Big news for car lovers in Wisconsin! Kunes Auto & RV Group’s acquisition of the Beloit dealership is super exciting. They’re all set to bring in fresh services and sweet deals, showing their dedication to top-notch customer service and expanding across the Midwest.

Kimberly Cook
Kimberly Cook
April 2, 2024 3:49 am

Kunes Auto & RV Group’s move in Beloit sounds exciting! I’m eager to see their fresh customer service ideas at Kunes GMC of Beloit. It’s great to see them focus on enhancing the shopping experience and building strong customer bonds in the Midwest market.

William Allen
William Allen
April 2, 2024 8:57 am

Exciting news! Kunes Auto & RV Group’s expansion to Beloit with Finley GMC promises great things. It’s a win for us customers. What are your thoughts on this move?

April 2, 2024 9:12 am

Isn’t it exciting that Kunes Auto & RV Group’s expanding in Wisconsin with a new dealership in Beloit? They’re all set for some awesome promotions and events to celebrate, so the community’s in for a treat! Plus, their online platform upgrades aim to make your vehicle shopping experience even better!

April 20, 2024 4:59 pm

Isn’t it cool to see Kunes Auto & RV Group expanding in Wisconsin by adding the Beloit dealership? Now with Kunes GMC of Beloit, they’re bringing more services closer to us. It’s awesome how they’re keeping that hometown feel with shared values from Finley GMC. What do you think about this new move?


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