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Brown County Bay Shore Campground Enhances Facilities with New Restrooms and Showers

As the camping season nears, Brown County is set to unveil significant improvements at the Bay Shore Campground. A two-phased construction project is underway, introducing four new buildings to enhance the camper experience.

Brown County Parks Director Matt Kriese discussed the necessity of these upgrades, pointing to the campground’s long history and the aged condition of existing facilities. “Bay Shore County Park is one of those campgrounds that’s been a staple in our community, in the camping world, for many decades. And after so much time, it’s time for some much-needed improvements — on our infrastructure and buildings, primarily,” Kriese said.

The first phase of improvements focuses on updating the sanitation facilities, with two new restrooms and a revamped shower building. These facilities are designed to be energy-efficient and secure, offering increased privacy and accessibility.

Kriese emphasized the modern design of the new shower facilities, which will include individual, lockable rooms adaptable for multi-gender use. “The new buildings all have individual shower rooms, with a lockable door behind them. So they’re all multi-gender, multi-use family rooms that people can go and shower, and then with the restroom buildings as well,” he explained.

Additionally, the upgrades include enhancements to the campground’s infrastructure. A current shower building will be replaced, and new sewer line services will be extended to several of the 107 sites within the park.

The renovation is part of a broader initiative funded through Brown County’s capital improvement plan, totaling approximately $1.2 million. “The project at Bay Shore is roughly $1.2 million, funded through the capital improvement plan, through our county budget,” Kriese noted.

This investment comes after a decade of steadily increasing camping revenues in Brown County, signaling robust visitor interest and the necessity for facility enhancements.

Officials have scheduled the campground’s season-opening for May 2, with most of the new buildings nearing completion. Our campground opens May 2. And I would say our buildings, the three out of the four buildings, are about 80% done right now. So they’re going to be working overtime to make sure that we can do our best to get them open,” Kriese commented.

Despite the significant upgrades, campground officials have decided not to increase the cost of camping this year. The nightly rates will remain the same, ranging from $22 to $32 depending on site amenities.

The decision to maintain current prices reflects a commitment to affordability and accessibility for all visitors, ensuring that the natural beauty and recreational opportunities at Bay Shore remain within reach for families and individuals looking to explore the outdoors.

These developments are expected to enhance the camping experience by providing modern, safe, and convenient facilities that meet the needs of today’s campers. With the upgrades, Brown County aims to sustain Bay Shore Campground as a preferred destination for both new and returning visitors, promising another season of memorable outdoor adventures.

Featured image by Bay Shore Campground via browncountywi.gov

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Emma Ward
Emma Ward
April 21, 2024 7:41 pm

Have you heard the news about Brown County’s Bay Shore Campground? They’re sprucing things up with new restrooms, showers, picnic spots, and trails! Plus, they’re adding a cool nature program led by park rangers. It’s like they’re turning the campground into a mini outdoor paradise!

April 21, 2024 8:23 pm

These updates at Bay Shore Campground are awesome! It’s about time we got modern facilities. Can’t wait to see the new restrooms and showers in action!

Lisa Rivera
Lisa Rivera
April 21, 2024 11:23 pm

Isn’t it cool that Bay Shore Campground is adding a new playground alongside those fresh restrooms and showers? It’s gonna be awesome for families hanging out there! Can’t wait to see how it’ll amp up the camping vibes for everyone!

April 21, 2024 11:48 pm

I’m excited about the upgrades at Bay Shore County Park! Can’t wait to stroll on those new paths and enjoy the improved picnic spots. It’s sweet to see the park becoming more welcoming with educational signs about its beauty and conservation efforts. Can’t wait to explore it all!

April 22, 2024 11:09 am
Reply to  Headlines15

I can’t wait to experience the new restrooms and showers at the campground! You’re going to love the upgrades too. Did you know some campsites overlook beautiful Lake Michigan?

April 22, 2024 2:54 am

Let’s jazz it up with exciting news! Brown County Bay Shore Campground is getting cool upgrades like solar panels and a secret waterfall trail. Ready for an awesome adventure? 🌟🌲

April 22, 2024 8:23 am

Isn’t it cool that Brown County’s Bay Shore Campground is sprucing up with new facilities? Imagine chilling in those outdoor seating areas and joining nature walks with park rangers!

April 22, 2024 3:40 pm
Reply to  OlivePrairie

It’s awesome to see Brown County’s Bay Shore Campground upgrading with those new restrooms and showers. It’s going to make the camping experience even better! Can’t wait to check it out!

Casey Sprint
Casey Sprint
April 22, 2024 9:01 am

Have you heard about the awesome upgrades at Brown County Bay Shore Campground? They’re adding new restrooms and showers with cool features like motion-sensor lighting and water-saving fixtures. I can’t wait to check them out and enjoy the eco-friendly vibe they’re going for!


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