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Kunes Auto & RV Group Prioritizes Customer Data Protection with Mosaic Compliance Training Ahead of FTC Rule Changes

Kunes Auto & RV Group, operating over 40 auto and RV dealerships across the Midwest, has initiated its first week of compliance training with Mosaic. 

More than 1,000 management executives, sales professionals, and customer service representatives will participate in the training ahead of the new FTC Safeguards Rule amendments, which take effect June 9.

The amendments strengthen the requirements for non-banking financial institutions, including dealerships, to protect sensitive customer data and maintain a comprehensive security program in the same manner that a bank would, according to the company’s press release.

“As a customer-first dealership, we’ve been enhancing our practices and systems for some time now to meet these new requirements and ensure consumers are protected with us,” said Chief Operating Officer of Kunes Auto & RV Scott Kunes.

“We partnered with Mosaic to make sure our dealerships and sales staff are thoroughly prepared to implement the assessments, policies and procedure templates, training and mandatory services needed to adhere with the updated rules.”

All Kunes dealerships fully comply with the obligations under the newly amended rule and are committed to providing impeccable service. While there may not be a tangible ROI, it will help strengthen customer service satisfaction and reputation. 

“In today’s market, reputation and brand loyalty can make or break a business. To stay competitive and continue providing award-winning service, we’re dedicated to improving every aspect we can at Kunes,” said Kunes.

Kunes Auto sold 17,875 used vehicles in 2022, nearly double the 9,233 new vehicles sold last year, resulting in a used-to-new car sales ratio of 1.94, surpassing the average dealership goal of a 1:1 ratio. 

The dealership group offers second-chance financing for its customers who may not qualify for traditional loans. “We believe that when we help people afford reliable cars to get to work, we’re simultaneously boosting the economy of our local communities,” said Kunes.

For more information about Kunes Auto & RV Group and to find your nearest dealership, visit their website. 

Founded in 1996 in Delavan, Wisconsin, Kunes Auto Group has since grown to over 40 locations spanning across the Midwest. Previously Kunes Country, Kunes Auto & RV Group lives up to its motto –– Faith, Family, and Giving Back –– by employing over 1,800 people and donating 10% of its yearly net profits to local charities.

Kunes’ dedication to its employees, customers, and communities is shown through its countless “Automotive News’ Best Dealerships to Work For” awards, which are given to 100 dealers nationwide every year. Kunes receives as many as ten such awards each year with over 30 total awards dealership-wide.

As RV dealers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of customer data protection and regulatory compliance, it is essential to stay informed and proactive in implementing best practices. 

Investing in comprehensive compliance training programs, like the one undertaken by Kunes Auto & RV Group, not only ensures adherence to industry regulations but also builds trust and loyalty among customers. 

In an increasingly competitive market, prioritizing data security and transparency demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and fosters long-term relationships. 

RV dealers should consider evaluating their current compliance measures and exploring educational resources, partnerships, or training programs to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a strong reputation in the industry.

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March 23, 2024 3:07 pm

I gotta say, Kunes Auto & RV Group isn’t just talking the talk but walking the walk by beefing up their cybersecurity and exploring cool tech to step up the customer experience. It’s all about that commitment to excellence!


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