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Guest-First Mentality: How Zion White Bison Resort Sets Itself Apart in the Glamping Industry

The 2023 Glamping Industry Report, revealed at the Glamping Show Americas, indicates a significant trend: 51% of glamping facilities are near state parks, while 33% are in proximity to national parks. 

This data points to the strategic advantage of location in the glamping sector but looking beyond geographical positioning, what truly distinguishes top glamping parks?

In an exclusive interview with Modern Campground, Chase Davis, marketing manager of Zion White Bison Resort, a glamping experience located near Zion National Park, talked about what sets the resort apart from other competitors in the industry. 

Photo courtesy of Zion White Bison Resort

The resort, formerly known as Zion Weeping Buffalo Resort, underwent a rebranding in close consultation with local Native American tribes. The change to “Zion White Bison” was inspired by the sacred status of white bison in Native American culture. This rebranding signaled a deeper commitment to cultural respect and symbiosis.

Discussing the outdoor hospitality industry’s evolution, Davis acknowledged the challenges and changes brought by economic uncertainties and changing travel trends. However, he noted the resort’s resilience and adaptability, particularly in enhancing guest experiences amidst the growing popularity of glamping.

“As glamping becomes more popular, I think that guests are really looking for unique experiences that they can go and have. Whether that be treehouses, or cabins, or whatever that might be, people are really enjoying having these unique experiences at these glamping resorts,” Davis highlighted. 

In the ever-evolving glamping industry, the Zion White Bison Resort is carving its niche by prioritizing a guest-first mentality. 

“Our primary strategy is just always think of our guests first,” the marketing manager highlighted. 

Zion White Bison stands out in the glamping landscape through its unique accommodations – luxury teepees, cliff dwellings modeled after ancient Native American structures, and covered wagons.

Photo courtesy of Zion White Bison Resort

Beyond individual units, the resort is expanding its amenities to include swimming pools, pickleball courts, walking trails along the Virgin River, and an amphitheater for live music and movie nights. These features, coupled with a focus on excellent customer service, including a 24/7 live chat, ensure a guest-first mentality that is central to the resort’s philosophy.

Photo courtesy of Zion White Bison Resort

“We have a 24/7 live chat on our website, a texting system that guests can get on and ask us questions at any time. Just having our guests know that we’re there for them and that they always have access to be able to talk with us and discuss their needs with us has been something that’s really set Zion White Bison apart.”

The proximity to Zion National Park remains a major selling point. It offers guests myriad activities, from scenic hikes to thrilling adventures. “We love Zion; it’s a beautiful place. We hope we’ve built a place where, at the end of the day, guests can come home and sit around a fire pit together,” said Davis, emphasizing the resort’s vision.

Photo courtesy of Zion White Bison Resort

The uniqueness of Zion White Bison Resort doesn’t just lie in its location or amenities; it’s also in its approach to hospitality. With a guest-first mentality at its core, Davis offers advice to budding glamping entrepreneurs: “Have a guest-first mentality. Care about the guest experience and find something that sets you apart and makes your resort special.”

Photo courtesy of Zion White Bison Resort

The future of the glamping industry looks promising, and Zion White Bison Resort is setting commendable standards. As it continues its journey, the resort emerges not just as a luxurious stay option but as an experience that redefines the meaning of hospitality in the glamping industry.
Featured image from Zion White Bison Resort.


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