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Trailblazers in the RV Industry: Honoring Leaders Who Shape the Future of Outdoor Recreation

The RVs Move America event on Monday showcased the presentation of three awards to exceptional members of the RV industry. The RV Industry Association (RVIA) annually honors individuals, companies, and organizations for their outstanding contributions to the advancement of the RV industry in the areas of RV standards, education, and government affairs.

The first award, the Distinguished Achievement in RV Standards, was presented to Mike Becker, the head of compliance at Forest River Inc.

According to RVIA, this award recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the enhancement of RV standards in the industry. RV Industry Association Chair Kevin McArt announced, “Mike has been a key member of our Technical Subcommittees for many years and has contributed considerable expertise and guidance to the group.

“He has served as an ambassador for the outreach and training for the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards recall reporting and responsibilities, and currently Chairs the Regulatory and Safety Subcommittee.”

Mike has also been involved with the Standards Steering Committee and RV-C committee and has served as his chair’s alternate for the National Fire Protection Agency 1192 Standard. His commitment to improving safety through the development of standards, enforcement positions, and policies is highly respected in the RV industry.

The National Education Service Award, which recognizes an individual instrumental in developing educational programs in the RV industry, was awarded to Phil Ingrassia, president of the RV Dealers Association.

“Phil has championed industry education programs and technician training throughout his entire career. Most recently, he was a driving force in the creation and execution of the RV Technical Institute,” McArt declared.

Ingrassia, an original board member of the RV Technical Institute, played a vital role in helping the organization achieve its 2022 recruitment goals by assisting with strategic planning, attending recruiting events, and promoting the Institute through RV Dealers Association channels and events.

Debbie Brunoforte, president of Little Dealer, Little Prices, received the third award, the David J. Humphreys RV Industry Unity Award. This award acknowledges an individual who consistently encourages the various constituencies of the RV industry to work collaboratively for the industry’s growth and betterment.

“Debbie personifies the spirit of the Unity Award through her work as the longtime president of Little Dealer, Little Prices, now a Campers Inn company, and in her volunteer service on many industry organizations,” said McArt. “She has always championed the belief that the RV industry is strongest when it works together.”

In addition to being a past RV Dealers Association Chairman of the Board, Brunoforte has also received their highest honor, the James B. Summers Award, in 2014. She is a longtime member of the Go RVing Coalition and was instrumental in forming the Arizona RV Dealers Association.

In 2014, Brunoforte was inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame and was the inaugural recipient of the RV Women’s Alliance RV Trailblazer Award for lifetime achievement earlier this year. She continues to serve the industry as a member of the RV Dealers Association Board of Delegates as a participating past Chairman.

The RV Industry Association expressed their gratitude to Forest River Inc for sponsoring the lunch during Monday’s event. Celebrating the achievements of these industry leaders highlights the hard work and dedication that goes into shaping the RV industry’s future.

The RV industry, contributing $140 billion annually to the US economy, continues to evolve, with innovations in technology, design, and sustainability shaping the future of outdoor recreation. As demonstrated by the outstanding achievements of Mike Becker, Phil Ingrassia, and Debbie Brunoforte, collaboration and a commitment to excellence are key drivers of this progress.

The industry’s ongoing efforts to enhance safety standards, develop educational and training programs, and foster unity among stakeholders ensure that consumers will continue to enjoy high-quality, cutting-edge products and experiences.

This dedication to growth and development positions the RV industry as a leading force in the outdoor hospitality sector, contributing to its long-term success and expanding its reach to new and diverse audiences.

Featured image from RVIA.

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Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young
May 21, 2024 4:37 am

Just wanted to share my thoughts on Phil Ingrassia and Debbie Brunoforte. Their dedication to safety, education, and unity is truly inspiring for all of us in the RV industry. Let’s keep pushing for innovation and collaboration!


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