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Navigating Change: RV Dealers Association Embarks on a New Chapter with Key Staff Alterations and Future-Forward Plans

The RV Dealers Association (RVDA), a pivotal entity representing RV retailers across the United States, has recently unveiled a series of significant staff alterations. 

These changes, which encompass retirement and new appointments, signal a new chapter for the association, which has been a steadfast presence in the RV industry, providing a myriad of resources and support to RV dealers, rental operators, and aftermarket sales and service locations.

Hank Fortune, RVDA’s director of finance, has announced his retirement effective January 2024, concluding a commendable 25 years of service to the association. His tenure, marked by financial stewardship and dedication, has been pivotal in steering the association through various economic climates, ensuring stability and sustainability.

Margaret Mullderry, succeeding Hank Fortune, brings to the table extensive nonprofit experience, having served as a financial controller for the Boulder Crest Foundation and holding a decade-long tenure as controller and CFO for the CIA Officer Memorial Foundation in Herndon, VA. 

Her expertise in financial management, particularly within nonprofit entities, is poised to be an asset to RVDA, according to a press release.

Mullderry’s role will not just be confined to financial oversight but will also extend to being a valuable staff addition for the Mike Molino RV Learning and the RV Assistance Corporation, as per RVDA President Phil Ingrassia. Her leadership will be crucial in navigating the financial landscape of the association in the coming years.

In a move to bolster RVDA’s outreach and engagement capabilities, Patrick Calpin has been welcomed into the association in a novel position as Director of Partnerships. 

His previous roles at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), especially as director of Grassroots Advocacy, have equipped him with a wealth of experience to foster partnerships and member benefit programs.

Calpin’s role will be multifaceted, working on existing and new RVDA member benefit programs through RVDA’s RV Assistance Corporation and evaluating RV Learning Center fundraising programs. His position will serve as a bridge for members and industry partners to enhance engagement with association benefit programs and educational resources.

The RVDA is not merely navigating through internal changes but is also actively planning for its future, as evidenced by the approval of a $3.96 million fiscal year 2022 plan, program, and budget. 

This budget encompasses support for various pivotal initiatives, including legislative priorities and the RECT initiative, which includes the Mike Molino RV Learning Center’s service writer/advisor online training program.

Moreover, the budget also allocates resources for education programs and networking opportunities at the RV Dealers Convention/Expo, which will also feature a virtual element following the live event at Paris Las Vegas. 

The RVDA is also exploring the expansion of eligibility for service on the association’s Board of Delegates and further integration of digital content into the live convention.

The RVDA has been a linchpin in the RV industry, providing a platform for RV retailers, rental operators, and aftermarket sales and service locations to navigate through the industry’s challenges and opportunities. The association’s members benefit from a range of resources, including advocacy communications programs and the RV Learning Center.

The association’s future plans and programs, especially amidst the staff changes, reflect a future-forward approach, ensuring that RVDA continues to be a robust support system for its members. 

The association is not only working to help RV dealers maintain momentum amidst the industry experiencing record sales growth but is also ensuring that it remains a relevant and resourceful entity in the evolving landscape of the RV industry.

As the RVDA navigates through these internal changes and looks toward the future, the association is positioned to continue being a pivotal entity in the RV industry. The staff changes, coupled with strategic planning and program development, signal a robust future for the association and its members.

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February 22, 2024 2:49 am

It’s truly intriguing to see the RV Dealers Association making significant staff alterations and bringing in fresh talent like Margaret Mullderry and Patrick Calpin. I’m genuinely interested in how these changes will influence the association’s future direction and partnerships within the dynamic RV industry. This shift in leadership is definitely something to keep an eye on!


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