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TAXA Outdoors Unveils 2024 Mantis, Woolly Bear Trailers, Introduces New Rooftop Tents

Mobile habitat manufacturer TAXA Outdoors announced the release of its 2024 Evolutions for two of its adventure vehicles, the Mantis and Woolly Bear trailers.

“Our 2024 Evolutions and the launch of TAXA rooftop tents embody our commitment to continuously improving outdoor endeavors and enhancing the experience that our habitats provide,” Garrett Finney, founder and chief design officer of TAXA Outdoors, said in a press release.

This year’s upgrades are marked by enhanced layouts, augmented features, and the introduction of new rooftop tents, notably the MoonMoth Clamshell and MoonMoth Foldout, which are designed for compatibility with both TAXA habitats.

Interior of a modern, organized 2024 Mantis camper van by TAXA Outdoors with storage compartments and sleeping area.
Image by TAXA Outdoors

“Our goal is for folks to spend most of their time exploring nature and return to a basecamp that has been thoughtfully crafted to support their adventures. We continuously listen to our customers and evolve our habitats to meet their specific use cases,” Finney said.

The 2024 updates include new layout configurations aimed at enhancing off-grid power capabilities, customizable lighting, and improved storage solutions.

Two people conversing near a tent mounted on a vehicle, with 2024 Mantis bicycles in the foreground.
Image by TAXA Outdoors

The Mantis trailer, capable of accommodating four or more occupants, received several updates for 2024. These include a new tail layout offering a third seating option, flexible backseats, optimized under-bed storage, redesigned storage towers, enhanced comfort with thicker cushions, customizable lighting, and improved kitchen facilities, with starting prices at $45,750.

Similarly, the Woolly Bear, TAXA’s towable basecamp, underwent improvements such as an upgraded kitchen storage system, quick disconnect awning brackets, shore power connectivity, a convenient sliding tray for power station upgrades, and interior lighting enhancements, with prices beginning at $13,999.

TAXA is also expanding its product line with the introduction of the MoonMoth Clamshell and Foldout rooftop tents. The Clamshell model is priced at $2,899, while the Foldout model is slightly higher at $2,999.

These 2024 models, including the Mantis, Woolly Bear, and the new rooftop tents, are expected to be available through local RV dealers starting in spring 2024.

For more information, click here.

Featured image by TAXA Outdoors

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