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RVshare Nearing 200 Campground Partners

RVshare is on the way to reaching 200 campground partners before the end of the year. Through its Campground Partnership Program, campers and park operators continue to benefit from the convenience offered by the peer-to-peer RV rental platform.

Not only can campground owners merit from the additional exposure brought by the platform free of charge, but they can also gain from the partnership because the company will pay campgrounds an 8% commission per successful RVshare booking.

How the partnership works, per Partnerships Manager Steve Manes, is that campgrounds can list RVshare on their website through the partnership badge, the RVshare logo, or some content. The company then tracks traffic coming through the link and pays commission on any RV booking.

Partner campgrounds are also included in the “Top Campground” pages of RVshare, are recommended as a delivery-friendly destination, and can list and rent on-property RV units for free.

“They [park operators] liked the opportunity. Well, they love the fact that it’s free and it’s not going to cost you,” Manes told Modern Campground in a Zoom interview.

Manes considers the attention campground associations bring to the program a key to the success of the project.

“I don’t think we could have done it without some of the help that we’ve received from some of the state campground associations,” he told MC.

RVshare’s Campground Partnership Program launched earlier this year in March where it also announced its collaboration with the Florida and Alabama RV and Campground Association (FRVCA).

Recently, the RV industry business partnered with Campground Owners of New York (CONY) to help increase the visibility of New York campgrounds to RV renters.

At the moment, current partners include the Florida & Alabama RV Park & Campground Association (FRVCA), Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO), Campground Owners of New York (CONY), Colorado Campground & Lodging Owners Association (CCLOA), South Dakota Campground Owners Association (SDCOA), and Arizona Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (AZARVC).

Campers Booking RVs to Stay In

In June, a report showed that RV renters are taking nearcations due to high gas prices. Now, campers are choosing not to drive their rented RV. Instead, they just have the RV delivered to a campground and use the vehicle as an alternative accommodation.

“They get to enjoy being in an RV, enjoy the amenities of the campground because so many campgrounds have amazing amenities, and then […] at the end of it, they don’t have to drive it,” Manes said.

According to RVshare’s 2023 Travel Trend Report, 50% of travelers said that an RV is among their top three choices for accommodations. 

Also according to the company, almost half of RV rentals were delivered in 2022, and numbers for deliveries have seen a climb since 2021 (48% more) and 2020 (150% more).

For first-timers, RVs can be a pain to hook up to utilities such as water, sewer, and electric. With the RV delivery service, the owner of the recreational vehicle drives the rig to the campground and sets up the accommodation for the renter.  

“And for the campgrounds themselves, they prefer this because they’re not getting any novice RVs or people who have never driven an RV before driving in their parks,” Manes said. “It just makes it a lot easier,” he added.

RVshare’s Campground Partnership Program will see continued expansion in 2023, said Manes. The company is set to attend multiple campground conferences next year and is also considering working with the larger campground companies and management groups.

To learn more about the program, visit https://pages.rvshare.com/campground-partnerships/.

Featured image from RVshare.

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March 19, 2024 1:34 am

You know what’s really cool? RVshare’s Campground Partnership Program is expanding fast and building strong bonds with state campground associations. Exciting times ahead for campers seeking diverse camping experiences!


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