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We are a full service RV rental agency specializing in renting and selling recreational vehicles of all types and sizes. We offer RV rentals from 1 day to infinity at the most competitive rates in the industry. For size and rate information, choose the location you’re interested in and click on Rentals.

Opened in 1999, renting privately owned motor homes to individuals throughout the state of Florida.

We are a resource for Campers & RVers in California, including must-see campgrounds, local event calendars, travel tips and more.

Founded in Australia from a love of road trips, we safely connect holidaymakers with neighborhood caravans, motorhomes & campers to book for their next outdoor adventure, whilst unlocking new earning opportunities for van owners around the world.

7 locations across Canada. Come and experience Canada at your own pace in a CanaDream RV!

We are the world’s largest RV rental and sales company. We currently have over 120 rental locations and 13 sales centers.

We are America’s premier RV Rental & Sales Company with over 40 locations nationwide.

Everyone should have the access, choice and opportunity to get outdoors with an RV Rental. With over a billion days of available RVs inventory, we realized we could make a difference in helping people access the world outside.

In 2012, our co-founder Mark and his wife Rachel bought an RV to travel the country for their honeymoon. Not only did the RV allow them to see the country in a whole new way, it gave them the freedom to go at their own pace.

In 2016, Mike McNaught and Will Thompson stumbled upon the profitable side hustle —renting out their private RVs. They realized they were generating serious amounts of secondary income and wondered why more people weren’t doing the same. People rented out their cabins and cars, but hardly anyone rented out their RVs because no marketplace existed.

We are a community of RV enthusiasts who share their dreams and experiences, and they can make yours possible.

We are a vintage trailer company created for adventure and endlessly changing horizons!

We build, sell and rent eco-friendly campervans to travelers across the US. Our campervans come equipped with everything you need to comfortably explore the great outdoors. Your tent might miss you but the feeling won’t be mutual!

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