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Friendship Village: A Testament to Community Unity and Campground Innovation

In Bedford, Pennsylvania, Friendship Village Campground stands as a beacon of transformation and community engagement, marking a significant departure from conventional campground operations. 

Betsie and Brad Neft’s journey from corporate life to campground ownership showcases a successful blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a deep-rooted passion for fostering community ties.

The Nefts embarked on this venture with a vision to create more than just a place for camping. Their aim was to weave Friendship Village into the fabric of their hometown, making it a vibrant hub for both locals and visitors. This vision came to life through diligent planning and a series of community-oriented initiatives that have since defined the campground’s identity.

Image by Friendship Village via CampLife.com

Initially facing the challenge of a community unaware of their new ownership, Betsie and Brad quickly set into motion a plan to integrate the campground with the broader community. Their efforts were aimed at ensuring that Friendship Village lived up to its name, not just as a nameplate but as a true community pillar.

Central to their strategy was the hosting of various events that catered to a wide audience. By transforming the campground into a venue for food truck gatherings, farmers markets, and themed weekends, the Nefts created a communal space that encouraged social interaction and community participation.

Image by Friendship Village via CampLife.com

The inclusiveness of these events, underscored by Betsie’s ethos that “the community is always invited,” has played a crucial role in fostering a friendly, engaging environment at Friendship Village. This approach not only brought campers and locals together but also helped in building a sense of belonging and ownership among all participants.

Moreover, the support of local causes by offering space for nonprofit events at the campground further solidified Friendship Village’s role as a community champion. This move not only enhanced the campground’s reputation but also deepened its ties with the local community, showcasing a model of success that extends beyond business metrics.

Image by Friendship Village via CampLife.com

The transformation of Friendship Village under the Nefts’ stewardship reflects a broader trend in the campground and outdoor hospitality industry towards creating spaces that facilitate community connections and shared experiences. This evolution points to a growing recognition of the value that campgrounds can add to the social fabric of their surrounding areas.

For campground and outdoor hospitality operators, the story of Friendship Village offers valuable insights into the potential benefits of embracing community-centric approaches. This model not only drives business success but also contributes to the sustainable development of local communities.

The success of Friendship Village is indicative of the possibilities that arise when campground operators view their facilities as integral parts of the community rather than isolated recreational sites. This perspective encourages a more holistic approach to campground management, emphasizing the importance of social engagement, community support, and the creation of memorable experiences.

CampLife, LLC, the platform highlighting Friendship Village’s journey, exemplifies the technological support that can amplify such community-driven initiatives. By providing advanced reservation and park management software, CampLife empowers campground operators to streamline their operations while focusing on creating enriching guest experiences.

This focus on efficiency and guest satisfaction is crucial for the modern campground industry, which increasingly demands innovative solutions to meet the evolving expectations of campers and local communities alike. CampLife’s role in supporting over 700 parks across North America underscores the importance of technology in achieving these goals.

Featured image by Friendship Village via CampLife.com

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March 18, 2024 3:54 am

Friendship Village shines as a beacon of community unity and innovation under The Nefts’ guidance. Their inclusive events blend campers and locals, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Impressive stuff! 😊

Linda Harris
Linda Harris
March 24, 2024 10:23 pm

Have you heard about Friendship Village? It’s not just about community unity but also sustainability efforts and educational workshops. Betsie and Brad truly go above and beyond for everyone!


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