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Tuttle Point Campground Reopens at Pymatuning State Park After $8M Revamp

After a prolonged closure since October 2009, Tuttle Point Campground is reopening today, bringing renewed life and upgraded facilities to one of Pymatuning State Park’s three campgrounds. The campground had been shuttered as part of a cost-cutting strategy by Pennsylvania state authorities, which also impacted operations across the park.

Tuttle Point, previously one of the largest campgrounds at the park, was closed due to the high operational costs associated with its outdated water treatment facilities. Its closure left only Jamestown and Linesville campgrounds operational for visitors in the intervening years.

The state commissioned a substantial $8 million reconstruction project over 2022 and 2023 to modernize Tuttle Point. This extensive renovation included the installation of new water and sewage treatment facilities and the redesign of the campground layout.

According to Dan Bickel, the park’s superintendent, “It’s really exciting to have campers coming back into Tuttle.” Bickel explained that the project involved leveling the campground and shifting some sites closer to Pymatuning Lake, enhancing access and views for visitors.

The revamped campground now features two loops, scaled down from its original three, reducing the number of camping sites from 201 to 112. This reconfiguration allows for more spacious and accessible camping options. The center and eastern campsite loops have been rebuilt to include sites with handicapped-accessible amenities, including water, sewage, and electric hookups.

Facilities at the newly opened campground include a new main restroom and shower building designed to accommodate a larger number of visitors. Additional amenities include a smaller restroom facility servicing the beach area, a handicapped-accessible fishing pier, and a newly constructed boat launch.

State Senator Michele Brooks, a key proponent of the Tuttle Point reopening project, emphasized the collaborative efforts required to bring the campground back to service. Over more than 10 years it’s been a lot of hard work,” Brooks stated, acknowledging the joint efforts of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Appropriations staff, the Department of General Services, North Shenango Township officials, and the park officials themselves.

Brooks also highlighted the potential economic benefits of the campground’s reopening, stating, “This reopening should help local businesses and bring more people back to Pymatuning.” She anticipates that the revitalized campground will draw more visitors, boosting local commerce and increasing tourism in the area.

The project did not stop at service facilities. Infrastructure improvements included new water and sewer lines, a new water treatment building, and a revamped 75,000-gallon water tank, ensuring that the campground meets modern standards and environmental guidelines.

According to a Meadville Tribune report, a formal dedication ceremony for Tuttle Point Campground is planned for later in the 2024 camping season, where state and local officials will celebrate the culmination of this major project.

The reopening of Tuttle Point Campground marks a significant milestone in Pymatuning State Park’s history, promising enhanced outdoor experiences for campers and a positive economic impact on the surrounding communities.

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