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Leland Town Council Gives Unanimous Nod to RV Park Regulations

In a significant move, the Leland Town Council in North Carolina has unanimously approved an ordinance concerning RV park regulations. This decision, made during their meeting on September 14, has been the subject of much discussion and deliberation over the past few months.

The crux of the amendment is the removal of language that previously allowed RV sites within special flood hazard areas (SFHA). Now, these sites are mandated to display a sign, indicating the need for RV removal within 24 hours if a state of emergency is declared due to potential flooding. This change, however, doesn’t absolve the site or the RV from adhering to the town’s Flood Damage Prevention regulations.

Historically, RV park regulations in Leland have been a topic of debate, with safety and environmental concerns at the forefront. The planning board’s initial reluctance in May to approve the amendment highlighted these concerns. However, modifications to the proposal in July, addressing several of these issues, led to a change in stance.

These modifications were not just superficial. They delved deep into the specifics, including guidelines on permissible attachments to the RV and the duration it can remain on a site. The planning board’s reversal in July, after these changes, showcased the importance of a collaborative approach to decision-making.

Feedback from the local community and RV park owners has been mixed. While many appreciate the council’s proactive approach to safety, especially in light of potential flooding events, others believe it adds an extra layer of bureaucracy to RV park operations. This feedback played a crucial role in shaping the final proposal.

Diving deeper, the text amendment application from Evolve Acquisitions, LLC, brought forth several key and revised proposals. These aimed to align with the Leland 2045 Comprehensive Plan, emphasizing resilience to environmental hazards and promoting outdoor and recreational tourism.

The Planning Board’s recommendation in August further solidified the path for the town council’s decision. Their unanimous vote to recommend the initial zoning of the annexation area as PUD (Planned Unit Development District) was in line with the Leland 2045 strategy.

Leland Town Council’s unanimous decision marks a significant step in RV park regulations. While the journey to this decision was marked by discussions, revisions, and collaborations, the final outcome aims to ensure safety, align with long-term town strategies, and consider the feedback of the local community and stakeholders.

Read the full agenda here: MEMO-23-0167 (civicweb.net).

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March 15, 2024 6:02 am

Exciting update! The Leland Town Council is all set to roll out these fresh RV park rules, which is a big win. They’re even planning sessions for park owners to get the lowdown on the changes. Plus, teaming up with eco groups – way to go on the green initiatives!

Heather Hughes
Heather Hughes
April 21, 2024 2:46 am

I think the recent RV park regulations approval in Leland shows they’re serious about safety and the environment. It’s cool to see them aligning with future plans for the town!


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