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Black Folks Camp Too Honors Spacious Skies as Campground Company of the Year

In a significant nod to promoting diversity and inclusion in the outdoor recreation industry, Black Folks Camp Too (BFCT) has recognized Spacious Skies Campgrounds as the Campground Company of the Year.

The award was presented during a special event at Spacious Skies Hidden Creek, marking a pivotal moment in the industry’s journey towards inclusivity.

Photo courtesy of Spacious Skies Campgrounds

BFCT, a rapidly expanding organization, has been at the forefront of championing the outdoor lifestyle to campers from all walks of life. 

Their mission is to bridge the gap and ensure that the joys of camping and outdoor activities are accessible to individuals of all experiences and backgrounds.

Spacious Skies Campgrounds, with its 15 diverse locations, has been a trailblazer in this mission. 

The company’s dedication to fostering an inclusive environment was evident when they became the first private campground enterprise to form a partnership with BFCT. This collaboration has been instrumental in setting industry standards for diversity and inclusion.

A significant aspect of this partnership is the Unity Blaze Certification that all Spacious Skies Campgrounds have achieved. This certification is a testament to the campgrounds’ adherence to the Unity Blaze motto, “You are Invited and Welcomed.” It signifies a commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere for all campers, irrespective of their background.

Further emphasizing their dedication, the entire management and headquarters staff of Spacious Skies Campgrounds have completed the Unity Blaze training program. 

This program delves into understanding the reasons behind the limited diversity in outdoor recreation. It also offers insights into how BFCT certified partners can actively work towards enhancing diversity and inclusion in their operations.

Ali Rasmussen, co-founder of Spacious Skies Campgrounds, expressed the company’s sentiments on receiving the award. 

“It has been a privilege to work with Black Folks Camp Too since our partnership began earlier this year. We are deeply honored to be acknowledged for our  sincere work to promote diversity across the collection,” Rasmussen said. 

She further emphasized the company’s mission, stating, “Our mission is to make all of our guests feel comfortable and welcomed as they experience our campgrounds and the abundance of outdoor recreational adventures that are available in each location.”

Spacious Skies Campgrounds boasts a wide range of locations, from Maine, New York, and New Hampshire to New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Each of these locations is a testament to the company’s commitment to offering diverse and inclusive camping experiences.

Several entities and individuals were also recognized for their contributions to the outdoor recreation industry. Among the awardees were Oboz Footwear, Farm To Feet, Made By Mountains, Explore Wilkesboro NC, Gaston County NC. and more.

Jil Littlejohn-Bostick of Winnebago Industries, Timothy Stanley, founder of Blackout EZ LLC, and Derick Lugo, author of “The Unlikely Thru-hiker: An Appalachian Trail Journey,” were some of the notable individuals honored during the event.

Photo courtesy of Spacious Skies Campgrounds

The awards presented during the event spanned various categories, from outdoor brands and community organizations to executives and athletes. Each award was a reflection of the recipient’s dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the outdoor recreation industry.

Featured image from Spacious Skies Campgrounds.

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February 17, 2024 1:17 am

Hey, did you know that Black Folks Camp Too also offers a variety of welcoming outdoor activities and events at their locations, such as nature hikes, cultural workshops, and community gatherings? Additionally, they have recently launched a scholarship program to provide financial assistance for underrepresented groups to experience the joy of camping and outdoor adventures at their facilities.

March 21, 2024 9:27 pm
Reply to  LiamOcean

That’s awesome! Black Folks Camp Too offers a range of outdoor activities and events like nature hikes, cultural workshops, and community gatherings at their locations. It’s fantastic that they’re making camping more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Keep spreading the outdoor love!

March 23, 2024 2:41 am
Reply to  Groundsoar018

Camping brings us together in nature. Have you checked out portable hammocks for ultimate relaxation under the spacious skies?

Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson
May 16, 2024 3:30 am

I really admire Spacious Skies Campgrounds for their dedication to diversity and inclusivity. It’s awesome how they’re setting a great example for other campgrounds. By getting Unity Blaze Certification and training their whole team, they’re showing how to make everyone feel welcome in the great outdoors.

May 24, 2024 8:16 am

Spacious Skies Campgrounds truly shines in embracing diversity with heart. Their community outreach and eco-friendly efforts make them a standout in camping. Such a positive influence for all campers!


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