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Bridging the Gap Between Glamping and Ultra Luxury: Moliving’s Nomadic Hospitality

Moliving, co-founded by Jordan Bem, is a unique concept in the hospitality industry that aims to combine the luxury hotel market with the flexibility of manufactured housing. 

Calling itself “the world’s first nomadic hospitality group,” Moliving’s hotel rooms are end-to-end solutions constructed at its factory in Oklahoma and towed to landowners looking to utilize their underutilized property.

Bem told Benzinga, “The idea was to create a hotel at the right place at the right time to avoid the inefficiencies of seasonal markets.” 

He added that the mobility of hotel properties allows them to avoid the pitfalls of low seasons. This innovative approach to hospitality could potentially reshape the industry and bridge the gap between glamping and ultra-luxury.

With the hotel industry projected to surpass pre-pandemic levels of demand in 2023, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s 2023 State of the Hotel Industry Report, competition is fierce. 

Bem aims for Moliving to stand out by offering scenic views, excellent service, and an overall luxury experience in locations such as Montauk, one of his stated goals.

Moliving plans to open its flagship hotel, Moliving at Hurley House, in New York’s Hudson Valley later this year. 

The company has aspirations to open luxury hotels in several East Coast and West Coast locations before expanding internationally. Their goal is to have seven Moliving hotels open within the next two years.

Fees for the Moliving experience range from $800 to $1,500 per night, depending on the location and $400 to $650 in non peak seasons. 

The rooms themselves have an interior space of 400 square feet and an additional 125 square feet for two outdoor decks.

An interesting aspect of the Moliving concept is the relationship between the company and the landowners where the hotel rooms are parked. 

Bem explained, “We are actually joint-venture partners where the landowners provide the land. We operate like any five-star hotel in the world, which is just a management group, but instead of providing key money, what we do is bring a flexible inventory at our cost to the table, which is a major amount of capital. In exchange, we take profits for it.”

The rise of glamping, or glamorous camping, has opened new opportunities for businesses in the outdoor hospitality industry. 

Glamping business owners can benefit from Moliving’s approach by offering a more luxurious experience to their guests. 

The modular, movable nature of Moliving’s hotel rooms allows for easier expansion and greater flexibility in responding to changing market demands and seasonal fluctuations.

Additionally, the partnership model between Moliving and landowners could serve as a valuable blueprint for glamping business owners looking to monetize underutilized land or partner with sophisticated developers and investors. 

This innovative approach to hospitality could potentially elevate the glamping industry while bridging the gap between glamping and ultra-luxury


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