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New North Carolina Business Brings Glamping To Backyard

Sometimes the beautiful outdoors is calling your name. However, a global pandemic could make it difficult to respond. That’s exactly the thought behind a new business in Wilmington, North Carolina, a report said.

The business is known as Campside Ventures.

It’s a thing that came from Rachel Warren’s passion for nature as well as her own camping experiences with her family.

She has come up with the ultimate staycation experience and gives you a full-on glamping experience right into your backyard. The most difficult aspect of camping is the setting up.  However, with Warren, all you have to do is to relax.

“For the whole entire setup, I race myself to see how fast I can get it done because then I can get out of people’s way and they can just start enjoying it. But since I work my full-time job, I understand how nice it is to just come in and look outside and be like, ‘Oh, a whole nice beautiful tent just for me,'” Warren said. “You don’t have to like sit inside and be kind of confined to your usual space. You can go outside, enjoy the tent. It gives you a whole new area to just vibe and enjoy the space.”

It’s also a great opportunity for first-time campers to try it out.

Whatever the reason for opting to camp or glamp their backyards, Warren is just happy to be part of it.

“It’s just so satisfying because you take it from literally a blank canvas and you try to make people’s dreams come true for a staycation, or their backyard campout, or slumber parties, or anniversaries,” Warren said. “And so it feels good to be a part of people’s family and celebrating with them, too.”

In the near future, Warren hopes to open her own eco-friendly camping site that will be beneficial to the environment, restore native species, and educate campers about sustainable camping.

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Casey Sprint
Casey Sprint
March 16, 2024 8:27 pm

Whoa, the Campside Ventures shake-up is impressive! They’re not just about glamping but also eco-friendliness and personalized experiences. Rachel Warren’s game plan? Making outdoor luxury even more special. How cool is that?


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