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High Demand for Camping in New Hampshire as Memorial Day Approaches


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Campgrounds across New Hampshire are already booked ahead of Memorial Day weekend, a high-demand period that kicks off summer and the camping season. 

With 92 million U.S. families considering themselves campers, according to data from the Kampgrounds of America, it’s crucial for private campground owners and operators to be prepared for the influx of visitors.

Bob Better and his wife, Cheri Wolff, are among those eager to enjoy the great outdoors, with their temporary small camping unit in tow. “We’ve been camping in this unit, three years now, been all over the place with it,” Better said. 

The Wellington Campground in Lee is their first stop of the year, offering a respite from urban life. “Camping allows us to escape the hustle and bustle, and we really love being outdoors all the time,” Wolff said.

As campground owners and operators anticipate an increase in visitors, it’s essential to invest in user-friendly online booking systems. 

Streamlining the reservation process can attract more campers and create a hassle-free experience for both guests and management.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, prioritizing safety and cleanliness measures is crucial for private campground owners and operators. 

This can include contactless check-in and check-out procedures, regular sanitization of communal areas, and strict adherence to health guidelines. These measures will instill confidence in visitors, ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

Diversifying the camping experience to cater to various preferences is another valuable strategy for private campgrounds. 

This can include adding amenities such as Wi-Fi and improved bathroom facilities, or introducing glamping options with comfortable, furnished tents or cabins. By offering a range of camping experiences, private campgrounds can attract a broader audience and increase overall bookings.

Jim Alex, a visitor at the Wellington Campground, appreciates the family-friendly environment. “It’s just a good place to be for family,” he said. His four-year-old daughter, Madison, is already taking advantage of the warm weather, exclaiming, “I went swimming at the beach!”

According to the New Hampshire Campground Owners’ Association, available camping spots are already running low. Gail Pare, the Wellington Campground’s manager, believes that the pandemic has made camping more popular, particularly as an affordable option for families. “I know last year, a lot of people stayed closer to home, due to fuel prices,” Pare said.

Emphasizing the Granite State’s long standing tradition of camping, Pare said, “I think camping has always been a big part of New Hampshire. 

No matter where you come from, everybody wants to go camping.” With spots filling up fast, those planning to book a camping site should act quickly to secure their reservation.

Preparing for a busy season, private campground owners and operators must adapt and enhance their offerings to meet the expectations of an increasingly diverse and safety-conscious clientele.


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