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Lumen Nature Retreat: A New Luxury Glamping and Cabin Experience in New England’s Winter Wonderland

Looking for an unexpected wintertime destination? In the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, a new glamping retreat, Lumen Nature Retreat offers a unique destination for winter enthusiasts seeking luxury amidst the snow. 

Image by Lumen Nature Retreat via facebook.com/LumenCamps/

Unlike typical seasonal retreats, Lumen provides an opportunity for guests to enjoy the beauty of winter in New England from the comfort of Nordic-style cabins and luxury amenities.

Nestled on 20 acres of forest land, surrounded by picturesque ponds and brooks, Lumen Nature Retreat is redefining winter getaways with its 20 tiny cabins. 

Image by Lumen Nature Retreat via facebook.com/LumenCamps/

These cabins are designed to offer hotel-level comfort, including kitchens, fireplaces, large windows, and built-in skylights, ensuring a cozy stay regardless of the outdoor temperatures. The retreat’s emphasis on ‘hygge,’ a Danish concept representing coziness and contentment, is evident throughout the property.

One of the retreat’s highlights is its unique sauna experiences, including a barrel sauna with a “fisheye” window, perfect for guests to relax while stargazing or watching the northern lights. Although the property’s A-frame and safari-style tents hibernate for the winter, they add to the diversity of accommodations available when they reopen in May.

Image by Lumen Nature Retreat via facebook.com/LumenCamps/

Lumen Nature Retreat was born from the vision of Boris Mordkovich and Susan Zhao, inspired by their own adventures and a desire to bring a luxurious, immersive glamping experience to New England. The retreat caters to a wide range of guests, from couples seeking a romantic getaway to families and groups looking for a unique outdoor experience.

Image by Lumen Nature Retreat via facebook.com/LumenCamps/

The founders’ journey from Boston to Argentina, a six-month overland adventure, underscored the magic of camping in nature. This experience, combined with their professional background in hospitality and design, fueled their ambition to create a glamping destination that merges the simplicity of camping with the luxury of a boutique hotel.

Image by Lumen Nature Retreat via facebook.com/LumenCamps/

Lumen’s commitment to an upscale outdoor experience is evident in its selection of activities. Guests have access to skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and local attractions such as craft breweries, wineries, and Ice Castles, making it an ideal location for those looking to explore the winter landscape of New England.

For glamping and outdoor hospitality operators, Lumen Nature Retreat serves as a pioneering model for extending the camping season into the winter months. Its success demonstrates the viability and demand for year-round glamping experiences, providing valuable insights into guest preferences for luxury, comfort, and connectivity with nature.

The retreat’s contactless service model, emphasizing privacy and immersion without sacrificing convenience, offers a blueprint for modernizing guest interactions and operations in the outdoor hospitality industry. By leveraging technology and thoughtful design, Lumen enhances the guest experience while maintaining a connection to the natural surroundings.

Lumen Nature Retreat’s innovative approach to winter glamping in New England not only enriches the guest experience but also contributes to the growth and diversification of the outdoor hospitality sector. As more operators consider year-round offerings, Lumen stands as a testament to the potential of luxury camping to attract a broader audience, even during the colder months.

Featured image by Lumen Nature Retreat via facebook.com/LumenCamps/

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