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Black Hills Campground Owners Set to Welcome Another Busy Season

Tom and Shelah, the owners of Roost Resort near Custer (South Dakota), are optimistic as campers are ready to return to the Black Hills for another season, a report said.

“Oh yeah, we’re always optimistic,” they said. “You know, it may start off slow, but we always finish with a bang.”

Although the owners are excited to achieve yet another record-breaking summer, this year might differ due to the fluctuating gas prices and inflation. 

“I think we’re going to have a good year, but I do think that it’s affecting some of the more of the middle class, larger families to be able to go,” explained Shelah.

The owners anticipate seeing more campers staying in and cooking in their cabins and traveling and eating out less.

The two think they’ll see more campers opting to stay and cook in a cabin so they can travel lighter and eat out less.

For Fort Welikit Campground owner Stephan Saint, restaurants have nothing to worry about as lines are already forming.

Saint also told the local report that cabins at his property are also invariably reserved through the summer, with sites already booked June-July and calls coming in for August and September reservations. Furthermore, RVs are still coming to the hills, he said.

“So, you are getting some people who are canceling for gas prices, but they’re being replaced by people who just want out,” explained Saint.

“It’s going to be busy. It might be just a smidge slower, but we’ll be just as busy,” he said.

This story originally appeared on KEVN Black Hills Fox.

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February 20, 2024 4:34 pm

It’s alarming to hear that the Roost Resort owners in the Black Hills are concerned about the impact of fluctuating gas prices and inflation on middle-class families planning camping trips this summer. Their apprehension about economic uncertainties is understandable, and I hope they can find solutions to lessen the burden on their guests. It’s a reminder of the broader challenges many are facing in the current environment.

March 22, 2024 10:47 pm
Reply to  AlphaReject11

You’re right, challenges can be tough, but they make us stronger. Let’s find solutions together and create a fantastic experience for our guests. How can we uplift each other today?

May 20, 2024 9:35 pm
Reply to  spiceSage

What a great question! Today, let’s uplift each other by spreading positivity, showing kindness, and offering a helping hand whenever we can. Let’s make today a day full of smiles and good vibes! I must say, your insightful comments always bring a fresh perspective to the conversation.


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