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Navigating New Horizons: The 2024 Go RVing Dealer Tie-in Program and Its Impact on the RV Industry

The 2024 Go RVing Dealer Tie-In Program emerges as a beacon for RV dealers, state dealer associations, and their affiliated ad agencies. This initiative, spearheaded by the RV Dealers Association (RVDA), is designed to harness the power of the national “Go On a Real Vacation” advertising campaign, tailoring it to the local landscape.

At its core, the program aims to resonate with the spirit of family adventure, couples’ escapades, and the allure of outdoor travel. It’s a strategic move to align with the evolving preferences of today’s consumers, emphasizing the flexibility and affordability of RV travel.

A pivotal component of the program is the Go RVing Leads Program. This feature offers dealers round-the-clock access to consumer leads generated through the Go RVing website, a tool that could potentially transform their customer engagement strategies.

Dealers are empowered with an array of marketing tools. From royalty-free photos and visuals to comprehensive artwork for dealer websites, the program provides industry statistics, analytics, and other marketing materials, all designed to elevate the dealers’ promotional efforts, according to a release by the RVDA.

A unique aspect of the program is the access to customizable versions of national TV commercials and stock footage. This resource allows dealers to target their market effectively, creating personalized advertising content that resonates with their local audience.

Participation in this optional program comes at a cost of $250, a strategic investment for dealers aiming to amplify their marketing reach. For those interested, the program details and sign-up process are facilitated through direct contact with Chuck Boyd at RVDA.

In a significant collaboration, Go RVing has partnered with Black Folks Camp Too, founded by Earl Hunter Jr. This partnership has birthed a new dealer education series, focusing on effectively marketing to Black consumers, a step towards inclusivity and diversity in the RV market.

The series delves into the barriers to entry and strategies to bridge the gap with Black consumers. It’s an insightful addition for dealers in the Go RVing program, offering a deeper understanding of diverse market segments.

The 2024 Go RVing Dealer Tie-in Program is poised to significantly impact RV dealers. By enhancing local marketing efforts, it opens doors to increased consumer engagement and potentially boosts sales, aligning with the dynamic needs of the modern RV market.

The RVDA’s role in orchestrating this program underscores its commitment to supporting RV dealers. This initiative reflects an understanding of the industry’s pulse and the evolving trends that shape consumer preferences in the RV world.

The program stands as a testament to the RVDA’s foresight in adapting to the changing landscape of the RV industry. It’s a strategic move that not only benefits individual dealers but also contributes to the broader narrative of growth and innovation in the RV sector.

As the RV industry navigates through the peaks and valleys of 2024, the Go RVing Dealer Tie-in Program marks a significant milestone. For more information or to participate, dealers can reach out to Chuck Boyd at [email protected] or call (703) 591-7130 x113. The road ahead for the RV industry, fueled by such initiatives, looks promising and vibrant.

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May 21, 2024 4:12 pm

Let’s dig into the cool resources offered by the 2024 Go RVing Dealer Tie-In Program! It’s all about empowering dealers to connect with different customers in a meaningful way. Learn how they can rock social media to reach more RV enthusiasts for unforgettable adventures!

May 24, 2024 7:48 pm

Have you noticed the potential hurdles RV dealers may encounter with the 2024 Go RVing Dealer Tie-In Program? The need for better outreach to diverse groups, like Black consumers, is quite a challenge!


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