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Online Reservations Open for Prime Campsites at Big Larch, Lake Alva, and Seeley Lake

The Seeley Lake Ranger District of the Lolo National Forest (Montana) has announced the availability of online reservations for campsites at Big Larch, Lake Alva, and Seeley Lake campgrounds starting this summer, a Montana Right Now report highlighted. 

Starting April 24 at 8 a.m., campers can book their sites at Big Larch and Lake Alva Campgrounds through the official reservation portal, www.recreation.gov. 

The reservation window for these campgrounds opens from May 24, 2024, just before Memorial Day, extending through September 3, 2024, the day after Labor Day. 

However, Seeley Lake Campground will join the reservation system slightly later, on July 1, 2024. The delay is attributed to necessary water system repairs, ensuring that facilities meet visitor expectations upon opening.

Quinn Carver, district ranger for the Seeley Lake Ranger District, highlighted the shift towards online reservations as a response to visitor preferences for pre-planned trips. 

“Moving some of our campsites provides that opportunity while maintaining the first-come, first-served option for those who enjoy heading out at the spur of the moment,” Carver said. 

This system aims to balance the needs of those who plan ahead with the spontaneity of traditional camping enthusiasts who prefer the first-come, first-served approach.

The reservation system categorizes sites at Big Larch and Lake Alva Campgrounds into reservable and first-come, first-served sections. 

Big Larch Campground designates Loop 2, Loop 3, and Bicycle Sites for reservations, while keeping Loop 1 and Loop 4 open for walk-ins. 

Lake Alva Campground follows a similar model, with Loop 1 available for advance booking and Loop 2 for those arriving without reservations. Seeley Lake Campground sets itself apart by making all its sites reservable, catering to the increasing demand for guaranteed camping spots.

In addition to the reservation system, the Lolo National Forest is introducing a Scan & Pay option for first-come, first-served campsites at selected campgrounds. This innovative payment method allows campers to use a credit card to pay for their site by scanning a QR code with the Recreation.gov mobile app, modernizing the payment process and enhancing convenience for visitors.

This transition to online reservations and digital payments is part of the Forest Service’s broader initiative to modernize and improve the recreational experience across the Lolo National Forest. Future plans include expanding these services to additional campgrounds, further accommodating the evolving needs of the outdoor recreation community.

The Lolo National Forest, a hub for outdoor activities, offers a diverse range of recreational opportunities. From hiking and OHV riding to camping, cabin rentals, winter sports, and educational visitor centers, the forest caters to a wide audience of nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

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March 16, 2024 6:13 pm

I’m really curious if you’ve heard about the new online reservation system for campsites at Big Larch, Lake Alva, and Seeley Lake in Montana. I wonder if campers are excited to book spots online and try out the Scan & Pay option. It sounds like these campgrounds are gonna be even more awesome to visit this summer!

Charles Evans
Charles Evans
March 20, 2024 3:44 pm

Isn’t it exciting that online reservations are now up and running for prime campsites at Big Larch, Lake Alva, and Seeley Lake? Personally, I’m thrilled about the Scan & Pay option for those first-come, first-served spots – such a game-changer! The efforts to modernize camping in Lolo National Forest and expand these services show a real dedication to enhancing our outdoor adventures. What are your thoughts on these updates?


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